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Tucker Carlson Producer Sued Over Sexual Behavior Allegations Despite No In-Person Meetings

Abby Grossberg, the former head of booking for Tucker Carlson Tonight, has filed a lawsuit against Tucker Carlson, alleging sexual behavior in the workplace. However, Grossberg’s lawyers have admitted that she never met Carlson in person. This lawsuit has caused quite a stir and raised questions about the validity of the allegations.

Here is what we know about the situation:

Allegations Against Tucker Carlson

Grossberg alleges that Carlson encouraged a hostile and sexist workplace environment among his employees. Despite never having met Carlson, Grossberg claimed that he was responsible for making her life a living hell. The lawyers claim that Carlson directed the “sexist” environment from afar and had staff work as his “eyes” and “ears” in the New York office while he worked away in Maine.

Response From Carlson

The news of Grossberg’s lawsuit came on the same day that Carlson and Fox parted ways. Carlson has not yet made any official statements about the lawsuit. However, Carlson has been seen in Florida with his wife, enjoying time together and joking about finally being able to dine together on weeknights.

Speculation About Carlson’s Departure

It is still unclear as to why Fox dismissed Carlson, despite promos for the evening’s show already airing when the press release from Fox went out. Some speculate that Fox owner Rupert Murdoch took issue with Carlson’s Christian beliefs. Nevertheless, the departure of Tucker Carlson Tonight has been celebrated by some, including AOC, who had called for federal regulation of Fox and Carlson.


While the allegations against Tucker Carlson are serious, it is important to note that Grossberg never actually met Carlson in person. This has raised questions about the validity of the lawsuit and whether it is politically motivated. As always, it is important to withhold judgment until all the facts are presented.

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