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Devastation Caused by Hurricane Ian

The state of Florida is still in shock after the devastation caused by Hurricane Ian, which has left 2.7 million people without electricity. Ian is now regaining strength over the Atlantic Ocean in preparation for a third impact somewhere around the Carolina coast.

By the way, when we talk about customers, we’re referring to whole homes or buildings, thus a household with five people in it is still counted as only one customer. In other words, the true number of Floridians without power is likely to double, or even four times more than the official estimate of 2.7 million.


There are a large number of individuals without electricity, but at least Floridian winters aren’t as harsh as those in Minnesota or Wisconsin. The worst-affected regions are likely to suffer mass casualties once the water recedes and debris is removed, and restoration and rebuilding might take years.

The maximum sustained winds of Hurricane Ian were 155 mph, just 2 mph below the 157 mph required for a Category 5 hurricane. As so, we can safely say that this storm was one for the record books.

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