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Psychic Predictions and the Impending Cataclysm: Unveiling the Truth

In recent times, an increasing number of individuals have become aware of a troubling phenomenon: False Flag Operations. These covert actions, executed by powerful elites, are strategically designed to deceive the masses and then attribute blame to innocent parties. Remarkably, such operations are now being exposed in real time through social media channels. As a result, those in positions of authority are growing increasingly anxious, realizing that their tactics of deception are no longer as effective as they once were.

 Unlocking the Potential of Psychic Awareness

According to scientific research, virtually all humans possess some degree of psychic awareness, with some individuals exhibiting a heightened level of sensitivity. The term “Remote Viewing” was coined by the US Department of Defense during their efforts to train individuals in this unique field. It involves the ability to visualize and gather accurate information about an unknown target from any distance using one’s mind. To enhance the accuracy of remote viewing, practitioners often collaborate in teams, cross-referencing their findings.

The Enigmatic Future Forecasting Group

One of the notable remote viewing teams, known as the Future Forecasting Group, operates under a double-blind protocol. In this approach, the viewers are provided with only an arbitrary designation, such as “A9I5-Q7K4,” without any knowledge of the target’s location or nature. While in a meditative state of focus, these viewers receive vivid imagery within their minds, which they promptly sketch and record. Remarkably, the Future Forecasting Group has achieved remarkable success in predicting various significant events, including the Panama Canal incident, the Destruction of the Kakhovka Dam in Ukraine, the Halloween stampede in South Korea, police violence during the Canadian Trucker protest, and more. For further details, you can visit their website at

Foreseeing the Next Financial Crisis

Recently, the Future Forecasting Group embarked on a mission to foresee the next financial crisis, guided solely by an arbitrary number. However, their findings were unexpected and alarming. All viewers were overwhelmed by images of a catastrophic event, depicting massive explosions with multiple points of impact, the descent of small particles and debris from the sky, and individuals falling ill from Cesium exposure—the most perilous radioactive isotope used in Dirty Bomb scenarios. They also saw scenes of police checkpoints, people seeking refuge underground, and a mass exodus of distressed individuals.

 The Age-Old Practice of Remote Viewing

Remote viewing is not a recent discovery but has been documented in written records spanning millennia. It has also garnered attention in the modern scientific community for several decades. This body of work suggests that most individuals possess the capacity for remote viewing, contributing to the effectiveness of Clif High’s Predictive Linguistics program.

Clif High’s Predictive Linguistics: A Macroscopic Insight

Clif High’s Predictive Linguistics program offers a unique perspective by analyzing the entirety of human language across the World Wide Web. By identifying recurring words and phrases in multiple languages, it constructs a macroscopic view of global discussions. If indeed all humans possess latent psychic abilities, these discussions should reflect collective chatter, particularly regarding traumatic events. Interestingly, certain keywords, such as “ejecta,” have consistently surfaced in Clif High’s work, indicating a recurring theme tied to a specific event.

The Revelation of Timelines

Predictive Linguistics unveils a crucial timeline—a transition from “tension language” to “release language.” The former represents the psychic awareness preceding an event, while the latter signifies the event’s occurrence and collective awareness. According to Clif High’s analysis, this significant event is slated to transpire toward the end of this year.

A Call for Vigilance

Both Predictive Linguistics and the Future Forecasting Group have independently pointed to the fact that a faction within the government has made a fateful decision, potentially involving a catastrophic event. Some viewers even envisioned the pressing of a button. They propose that by drawing enough attention to those in power, there may be a chance to avert this impending crisis.

In conclusion, the convergence of psychic predictions and data-driven linguistic analysis presents an intriguing perspective on an imminent cataclysmic event. While the veracity of such predictions remains a subject of debate, the call for vigilance and accountability is a message that should not be dismissed lightly. The coming months will undoubtedly shed more light on the accuracy of these forecasts and the actions taken to prevent or mitigate potential disasters.

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