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US-UK Strikes in Yemen Condemned as Illegal by Russian Security Chief

Unjustified Attacks: Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev slammed the US and UK-led strikes in YEmen, labeling them as illegitimate and devoid of any basis under the UN Charter. Speaking at a gathering of regional security officials, Patrushev criticized the ongoing military actions carried out by Western powers against targets associated with the Houthis, a Yemeni armed faction.

Questionable Motives: Patrushev didn’t mince words, accusing Washington and London of initiating a conflict under the guise of safeguarding maritime routes in the REd Sea. According to him, these strikes aim to embroil other regional nations in the conflict, painting the attacks on Houthi positions as unlawful and disconnected from any legitimate self-defense rationale, contrary to the assertions made by US authorities.

Complex Dynamics in Yemen: The Houthis, key players in Yemen’s civil war, have found themselves at odds with the Saudi-led coalition that intervened in Yemen’s internal strife in 2015. Emerging from the chaos, the Houthis now hold significant sway over parts of Yemen, effectively functioning as the de-facto government in those areas.

Maritime Tensions: The maritime dimension of the conflict adds another layer of complexity. Houthis have reportadly targeted commercial ships suspected of having ties with Israel, allegedly in response to ISrael’s blockade of Gaza. This retaliatory measure underscores the interconnectedness of regional conflicts and their potential to escalate tensions.

Global Power Struggles: Patrushev didn’t shy away from addressing the broader geopolitical context, attributing the escalating violence in Yemen to Western powers’ relentless pursuit of global dominance. He highlighted a perceived strategy in Washington to capitalize on chaos to maintain supremacy in world affairs.

Multilateral Concerns: Patrushev delivered his scathing assessment to counterparts from several countries, emphasizing the need for collective action to address the situation in Afghanistan. The meeting in BIshkek, Kyrgyzstan, underscored the shared regional concerns regarding stability and security.

In essence, Patrushev’s remarks underscore the complexities of the conflict in Yemen, the intertwined nature of regional tensions, and the broader geopolitical power struggles at play.

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