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Unveiling the Controversy: Allegations of mRNA Chemicals in USDA-Certified Organic Produce

The realm of organic farming hailed for its commitment to clean and natural food production, is facing an unsettling controversy. Recent allegations from the Alliance for Natural Health (ANH-USA) have ignited concerns that the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is permitting the infusion of Bill Gates’ mRNA chemicals into a substantial portion of organic produce across America.

Organic Integrity Under Scrutiny: The ANH-USA contends that the USDA, in conjunction with other organic certifiers, has greenlit the utilization of toxic mRNA and genetically engineered (GE) vaccines within the sphere of organic food production. These allegations have raised eyebrows within the organic community, casting shadows on the sanctity of organic farming principles.

Organic Standards Shift: The mRNA Vaccination Debate: The controversy stems from the 2019 decision of the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB), an advisory committee of the USDA, to allow the use of mRNA vaccines derived from “excluded methods” or genetic modification in the realm of organic food production. This move has sparked debates on the compatibility of such vaccines with the very essence of organic farming.

Infiltration of Organic Livestock: Shockingly, USDA-certified organic producers spanning the nation are reportedly incorporating mRNA and GE vaccines into their livestock, a practice that seemingly contradicts the core tenets of organic agriculture. OrganicEye, a vigilant industry watchdog, highlights this alarming trend, indicating a deviation from the holistic approach that defines organic farming.

Transparency Amidst Uncertainty: Consumers seeking reassurance regarding the sourcing of USDA-certified organic meat, eggs, or milk are now faced with a perplexing dilemma. OrganicEye underscores the challenges in distinguishing between products cultivated through traditional organic methods and those potentially influenced by GE or GMO-containing vaccines.

Lapses in Certification Oversight: The organic industry’s credibility comes into question as certifiers, accredited by the USDA, reportedly admit to insufficient scrutiny of vaccines for genetic engineering violations. The implication of potential fraud and deception looms large, revealing a chink in the armor of organic standards that champion purity and natural production.

The Promise of mRNA Veterinary Vaccines: The impending approval of GE and GMO vaccines by the NOSB could usher in a new era of genetically modified organisms infiltrating the organic market. Dr. Robert Malone, the visionary behind mRNA and DNA vaccines, sheds light on groundbreaking mRNA veterinary vaccines developed by BioNTech and Bayer. These novel solutions are poised to revolutionize animal health.

The Balance of Vaccine Necessity: ANH-USA counters the infiltration of vaccines within organic agriculture, asserting that regenerative practices and conscientious animal husbandry render fewer vaccines necessary for organic producers. The organization highlights the distinction between factory farm producers, reliant on vaccines due to intensive animal husbandry, and regenerative farms that prioritize the well-being of their livestock.

Organic Labeling Undermined: A grave concern arises as ANH-USA articulates the potential inadvertent erosion of organic labeling’s integrity. The utilization of GE and GMO vaccines could inadvertently lead to the mislabeling of factory farm products as organic, posing a challenge to ethically committed farmers who adhere to regenerative methods.

Conclusion: Defending Organic Purity Amidst Uncertainty: The heart of the matter lies in preserving the essence of organic farming amidst the storm of controversy. As allegations of mRNA chemicals seeping into USDA-certified organic produce reverberate, the organic community must band together to ensure the sanctity of their principles. Vigilance, transparency, and a commitment to regenerative practices shall serve as the cornerstone of this defense, as the landscape of organic agriculture navigates uncharted waters.

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