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Unexplained Spike in Young Adult Deaths: Investigating the Disturbing Trend

In recent times, a concerning and tragic trend of unexplained deaths among young individuals has come to light, revealing a perplexing situation that demands urgent attention. Shockingly, statistics published by the American Society of Actuaries have shown a staggering 21.4% increase in excess deaths among 15 to 34-year-olds in 2021. This disturbing rise in mortality isn’t confined to a single age group; individuals aged 35 to 44 experienced a shocking 34% increase in deaths between October and December 2022, surpassing the expected baseline of 2015 to 2019. These alarming figures were scrutinized by British commentator John Campbell, who has been consistently raising concerns about the inexplicable surge in sudden deaths among the young.

Analyzing the Alarming Rise in Young Adult Deaths

As reported by Vigilant News on August 19, the data was meticulously collated by a professional body in the United States responsible for predicting financial risks and liabilities for both government and corporations. Notably, insurance companies, including those insuring healthcare and pharmaceutical interests, base their policies on the rigorous assessments conducted by actuaries.

At the core of actuarial work lies the assessment of risk. The national body of actuaries in the United States has identified a substantial and unexplained increase in the risk of death among individuals aged 15 to 45. Strikingly, this trend isn’t limited to the United States; investigative journalists like John Campbell have extended their scrutiny to a global context.

Unveiling Concerns: The European Dimension

The rise in unexplained deaths among individuals as young as 15 has ignited concerns on a global scale. Reports have emerged highlighting the unusual and sudden nature of these fatalities, prompting widespread attention to a deeply troubling issue. John Campbell, who has been diligently monitoring this trend, linked the surge to the introduction of mRNA “vaccines.” His presentations in October 2022 and January 2023 delved into this unexpected spike in mortality rates, following a question raised in the European Parliament in September 2022.

The inquiry stemmed from a report by The Exposé news site, which alleged that the European Mortality Monitoring Project (EuroMOMO) had manipulated data to downplay a shocking rise in excess deaths among children aged 0-14. A graph displaying EuroMOMO’s original data, retrieved from archived pages, clearly depicted alterations made to show a significantly lower death rate.

Doubt Cast on the So-Called “Vaccines”

On September 18, just days before the inquiry was made, The Exposé highlighted EuroMOMO’s attempt to diminish the significance of the spike in mortality by altering the base rate of child deaths, linking it to the controversial mRNA “vaccines.” The search for a plausible explanation for these fatalities seemed to be overshadowed by efforts to divert attention from the most likely cause.

EuroMOMO’s decision to change the baseline of deaths coincided with the launch of a Europe-wide investigation into the extraordinary surge in excess deaths among children following the approval of the COVID-19 vaccine for children by the European Medicine Agency. The Exposé’s article, which laid the foundation for the European Parliament’s inquiry, also cited an investigation from the previous month revealing a staggering 691% increase in child mortality up to week 33 of 2022, subsequent to the vaccine’s authorization for use in children aged 12 to 15 in May 2021.

Evasive Responses and Dubious Explanations

Despite these startling statistics drawn from the EU’s own mortality monitoring, the European Union’s parliament categorically denied any connection between the “vaccines” and the puzzling trend of child deaths. The EU Commission acknowledged a rise in excess mortality but provided no substantive explanation for this disturbing phenomenon, insisting that the “vaccines” were not to blame. This stance raised further questions about the actual causes of these fatalities.

The Commission cited a “substantial increase in excess mortality [that] largely coincides with the COVID-19 outbreak,” a claim that contradicts the evidence. The correlation between the rollout of an experimental treatment and spikes in fatalities immediately afterward pointed to a potential link that the Commission refused to acknowledge.

Exploring Alternative Narratives

As the media proposed various explanations for the unexplained rash of sudden deaths, phrases like “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” emerged to label this concerning trend. However, these explanations proved inadequate, merely attempting to veil the lack of a clear cause.

In his 2022 book Cause Unknown, former BlackRock data analyst Edward Dowd listed spurious reasons for the alleged epidemic of sudden deaths. These dubious explanations, meticulously compiled in the book, raised eyebrows and prompted a critical counterargument. With the resurgence of mask mandates and the potential for more lockdowns, skepticism grew regarding these explanations, positioning the rising death toll as opposition to a seemingly political narrative.

Challenging the Status Quo

As the debate rages on, Rep. Mary Miller confronted the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services, Xavier Becerra, with a powerful critique. Miller accused the authorities of disregarding medical evidence and pushing a political narrative, particularly in matters such as puberty blockers, chemical castration, and administering a second dose of the COVID mRNA vaccine to young boys despite its suspected role in causing myocarditis.

The government’s inclination to evade the most obvious explanations is emblematic of a larger pattern. It signifies more than political insincerity—it’s a matter of life and death. The individuals most invested in maintaining the ambiguity surrounding these fatalities are the ones who possess the most to gain from obscuring the truth.

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