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United States Congress Wants to Expedite Weapons to Taiwan

According to Gregory Meeks, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, the United States Congress wants to speed up weapon shipments to Taiwan to the toon of $13.5 billion.

The New York Democrat told Defense News in an interview published on Tuesday that US lawmakers are “working on bills already to help speed up and decrease red tape and ship these weapons faster,” citing the delay of weapons sales to Taiwan and other countries like Japan, South Korea, Australia, or New Zealand.

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The authorization for foreign arms shipments could take over a year, and senators are aiming to streamline the procedure, yet worry that arms could get into the wrong hands and threaten US national security interests.

Lara Crouch, a Republican working for the Foreign Affairs Committee, has stated that Congress is engaged in speeding up the process without compromising its integrity, saying, “We don’t want to just throw our equipment out everywhere,” adding that the Senate “needs to determine just how we can continue improving that process.”

Weapon Shipments to Taiwan

Meanwhile, China has regularly sent warnings to the US not to equip Taiwan, which it claims as its own. If the United States continues to offer military support to Taiwan, which China views as a “blatant violation” of the “one China” policy and other memorandums of understanding between the two countries, China has threatened to retaliate with “decisive and severe actions.”

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