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From Transgender Advocate to Regretful Parent: One Woman’s Journey and Cautionary Tale

From Transgender Advocate to Regretful Parent

A lesbian “mother” of two boys has decided to abandon her previous stance on transgenderism, questioning the impact it may have already had on her children. Known only as “Rose” in online forums, she co-parents the two boys with her female partner and has now distanced herself from her former identity as a self-proclaimed “social justice warrior”.

Rose reflects on her journey out of the transgender movement and the realization that her approach to raising her boys in a gender-neutral environment may have caused harm. In her own words, she describes how she and her partner raised the boys with gender-neutral clothes, toys, and language, using gender-neutral pronouns, and not telling them they were boys.

However, one of the boys at four years old began asking if he was a boy or a girl, to which Rose initially told him it was up to him. She now admits this was a mistake and that she was leading her innocent child down a path of lies and psychological damage that could have permanent consequences.

After breaking away from the transgender community, Rose faced criticism from both the community and those opposed to the movement, who believe she has caused potentially irreversible harm to her children. While she acknowledges that she may never know the full extent of the impact her choices had, she says her children are doing well and that she hopes that time will heal.

Rose’s story serves as a cautionary tale and a reminder of the potential harm that can come from following a belief system without fully understanding the consequences. She shares her story in the hope that it may help others who are questioning their own beliefs and that it may pull “one more brick out of the wall”.

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