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Mainstream News Don’t LIE

Mainstream News Don’t lie… say it ain’t so.

What do we actually mean when we say mainstream media?

Mainstream media (better known as MSM) is actually a phrase or acronym employed to refer to the numerous news networks that sway people, and even mold dominating streams of thought and feelings.

Today we offer some food for thought when it comes to MSM in a short video clip below, and YES it is me. 🙂


Mainstream news don’t lie… say it ain’t so! #deception #corruption #fakenews #Ukraine #lies #vladimirputin #crookedpolitician

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The Next Concept Is Difficult for Most People to Accept

During COVID-19 Pandemic It Isn't Just Fake News But Seriously Bad  Misinformation That Is Spreading On Social Media
Interesting picture, don’t you agree?

#deception #corruption #fakenews #Ukraine #lies #vladimirputin #crookedpolitician

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