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Uganda Distances Itself from ICJ Judge’s Stance on Israel-Palestine Genocide Case

Uganda’s government has disassociated itself from the position taken by Judge Julia Sebutinde, Kampala’s representative at the International Court of Justice (ICJ), following her opposition to emergency measures sought by South Africa in the genocide case against Israel.

On Friday, the ICJ issued a ruling directing Israel to take “all measures within its power” to prevent potential genocide acts against Palestinians in Gaza. Out of nine provisional measures requested by South Africa, six were approved by a majority of 17 judges, including an Israeli judge who voted in favor of two. However, Judge Julia Sebutinde voted against all proposed measures.

Uganda’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Adonia Ayebare, clarified on X that “Justice Sebutinde’s ruling at the International Court of Justice does not represent the Government of Uganda’s position on the situation in Palestine.” The Ugandan Foreign Ministry also released a statement emphasizing that Judge Sebutinde’s stance is her individual opinion and does not reflect the official position of the Ugandan government.

The ministry reiterated Uganda’s condemnation of the Israeli military campaign against Palestinians, calling for an immediate end to military aggression and the siege of Gaza Strip, while rejecting any forced transfers or deportations of Palestinians from the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

In defense of her dissenting opinion, Judge Julia Sebutinde argued that South Africa failed to demonstrate genocidal intent by Israel, asserting that the core issue is political rather than legal.

Judge Julia Sebutinde, the first African woman on the ICJ panel, has a modest background and served as a judge in the Special Court for Sierra Leone before her current position. She received her law degree from Makerere University and holds a master’s and doctorate from the University of Edinburgh.

Source: Uganda’s government distances itself from ICJ judge’s stance on Israel-Palestine genocide case by RT News

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