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Tuesday, November 8th is Election Day in the United States

Tuesday, November 8 is Election Day in the United States. On Election Day, you must cast your vote in person at your local polling place.

In point of fact, voting in person on Elections Day is preferable to voting early or by mail because voting in person makes it harder for Democrats to cheat. It is essential to overload the attempt to cheat in real-time in order to ensure that their vote-rigging algorithms are unable to keep up with the pace which is exactly how the Dems got defeated in 2016 when Trump got elected.

Be careful to cast your vote against every Democrat since the Democratic Party has evolved into the following:
1) The gathering of those who engage in grooming and pedophilia.
2) The party that is responsible for repression and censorship.
3) The faction that supports war and is working to ignite a nuclear conflict.
4) The political party responsible for skyrocketing food and gasoline costs as well as an ever-increasing national debt.
5) The party that promotes intolerance, bigotry, and hate directed against white people, as well as prejudice against Asians, Christianity, Hispanics, Blacks, and now even LGBT.

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