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Air France Grounded 2 Pilots after Fistfight in the Aircraft

Air France has grounded 2 pilots after they got into a fistfight in the cockpit during a flight. The incident occurred in the early part of this summer.

The company is currently under investigation for allegedly failing to live up to safety requirements.

During a trip from Geneva to Paris in early June, an Airbus jetliner’s commander and co-pilot got into an argument immediately following takeoff, which led to a struggle in the air, as an Air France spokesperson has revealed.

The flight was heading in the direction of Paris. It appears that one of the pilots had struck the other, and they immediately took hold of one another by the collars. A member of the cabin crew finally took action, and according to the spokesperson, another of the members of the crew was allowed to remain on the flight deck to keep an eye on the pilots.

She mentioned that the episode “ended quickly” without impacting the safety of the aircraft, which continued after the fracas was resolved, proving that the flight was not compromised. According to the person who spoke with La Tribune, the aircrew has been suspended since the incident and is waiting to receive a resolution from headquarters.

The report that was produced by France’s aviation investigation agency, BEA, the week prior to the news of the fight blamed certain Air France captains for failing to follow the proper steps during incidents.

The fuel leak that occurred on an Air France flight between Brazzaville, Congo, to Paris, France, in December of 2020 was the primary topic of the report. During that flight, the pilots redirected the aircraft; but, contrary to the emergency procedures for a gasoline leak, they didn’t reduce power to the engines or land the aircraft as rapidly as feasible. The pilots had been putting themselves in danger of mechanical failure or combustion, according to the BEA, however, the crew was able to land the plane in Chad without incident.

The BEA hypothesizes that in other incidents of a similar nature that occurred between 2017 and 2022, pilots for Air France made decisions on the basis of their own interpretation of the circumstances rather than rigorously adhering to safety standards.

As a response, Air France stated that it would be conducting a safety audit and promised to follow the recommendations made by the BEA to advise pilots to assess their flights after the c

ompletion of their shifts. Additionally, the airline promised to be more stringent in its training materials about adherence to safety standards.

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