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Vaccine Passport Permanently Embedded Into Your Hand

Proof of Vaccination chip Embedded In Your Hand

Let’s say that you were given an opportunity to have a vaccine passport permanently embedded into your hand, will you do this? Amazingly, some folks throughout Sweden are voluntarily doing this to themselves, RIGHT NOW.

They are putting microchips that contain their vaccination information into their hands, and are raving about how convenient this is. Check out a video of this being done to someone below in the tweeter feed. The video is just not in English, however, you will understand what is happening.



Every day I see the general public, slowly but surely being categorized into 2 classes of people, also those individuals that are voluntarily conforming are given a lot of “privileges” that the other group is being denied. All because of an Experimental Jab… All because of a PCR test that can NOT distinguish a common cold from a CV19 virus… All because of the so-called virus that has NEVER been 100 pct isolated… So I ask you, where is the logic? Where is the ACTUAL science behind these restrictions which are imposed on all of us? THEY WILL NOT SHOW IT! Anyway, let us get back to the story, sorry for ranting.


Everyone MUST Get Booster Shots According to CDC

Countless believe that this is “just a phase” and things are going to eventually go back to normal.

But the truth is, this is NOT “just a phase” NOT at all.

For a long period of time, health authorities were guaranteeing us that if we did what these experts said, the so-called pandemic would come to an end. “I still believe we NEVER had a Pandemic, since pandemics were ALWAYS based on DEATH counts and NEVER on Case counts,” says I…

Unfortunately, now they are publicly acknowledging that COVID is going to be with us permanently, yes, FOREVER …

The chief medical consultant to the White House, TV Doctor Anthony Fauci, says it’s extremely unlikely that the Covid-19 coronavirus can ever be wiped out, and even insists the entire world is just going to have to begin dealing with it or living with it. “The reason why I say he is ONLY a TV Doctor is that he NEVER treated a patient in his LIFE”.

He mentioned that the world had only gotten rid of the infection entirely, was – smallpox.

That means that there will NEVER be an end to the injections and or vaccine passports or the mandates.

As a matter of fact, the CEO of Pfizer actually confirmed this by saying that “we’re going to have a yearly revaccination”… This will never stop unless we say NO…

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