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This Pandemic Ends When Canadians Say NO

This all ends When Canadians Say NO

How simple can it be? This Pandemic Ends When Canadians Say NO. The shuttering of academic institutions has pushed Canadians — even those individuals who’ve supported vaccination requirements, and even solitary confinements or lockdowns (Same thing), up to this moment — people are at a breaking point, yes, we are at a critical point, ready to SNAP.

Exposing the Madness of a Pandemic

Real News Cast’s Chris Wick points out that legislators have begun to demonize the unvaccinated in order to conceal or hide their own failure. It’s time for every Canadian, immunized or Not, to make or take a stand to protect civil rights and freedoms, before they are totally stripped away.

This all ends when the people, NOT ONLY in Canada but the WORLD say “NO” I will NOT comply, I will NOT be tested like a rat when I am NOT sick… I will NOT wear a MASK that doesn’t work, I will NOT take an untested JAB.

My Body, My Choice!

A video response to French President MORON, who is deliberately trying to PISS-OFF the UNvaxed… get this, as of January 18th, 2022 Quebec says you will NOT be allowed to buy BOOZE from a liquor store if you are UNVAXINATED… What is wrong with these french leaders?

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