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The World Economic Forum’s “Summer of Chaos” and the Great Reset Agenda

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has revealed plans for a “summer of chaos” in America, organized to advance their Great Reset agenda. Extinction Rebellion and other WEF-affiliated groups are gearing up for large-scale civil disobedience campaigns, including hunger strikes and road blockages. This article explores the motivations behind these actions and the potential implications for the United States.


The World Economic Forum (WEF) has recently acknowledged its involvement in organizing widespread civil unrest in America during the upcoming summer. Referred to as the “summer of chaos,” this initiative aims to advance the WEF’s Great Reset agenda, which advocates for global depopulation, the concept of 15-minute cities, and the elimination of national sovereignty. Extinction Rebellion (XR) and various other WEF-affiliated groups are spearheading this movement, planning a series of disruptive activities such as hunger strikes, road blockages, and acts of violence at federal properties.

The Expansion of Declare Emergency: Spreading Unrest from Europe to America

To ensure the realization of their agenda, Europe’s prominent WEF activists are expanding their United States-based franchise called Declare Emergency. This franchise aims to propagate civil unrest from Europe to America, intensifying the pressure on governments to adopt the WEF’s desired policies. With a primary focus on promoting chaos in the United States, Declare Emergency seeks to replicate the successful mobilization and disruptive tactics employed in Europe.

Eco-Terrorists and their Recruitment Strategies

During a recent videoconference, European eco-terrorists shared their tactics with their American counterparts. These strategies encompassed effective fundraising techniques to finance their disruptive actions and methods to expand their membership base. The objective is to recruit a substantial number of “arrestable” individuals who can serve as frontline soldiers in the more aggressive protests planned for the summer.

Eco-Terrorism: Ideology and Contradictions

Eco-terrorism’s underlying purpose is to bring attention to environmental concerns, particularly targeting oil usage and its alleged detrimental impact on the planet. Paradoxically, many of these climate activists rely heavily on oil in their daily lives. From the clothes they wear to the vehicles and airplanes they use for travel, and even the chemical-based paint they utilize during protests, all aspects of their actions are intertwined with oil-based products and energy.

Unleashing Chaos on America: Plans and Strategies

The plan to instigate chaos in America during the summer involves substantial financial investments and the recruitment of thousands of individuals. Following the disruptive “dark winter,” the aim is to create a “dark summer” under the guise of saving the planet from climate change. Declare Emergency, which gained notoriety for vandalizing artwork in the National Gallery of Art and blocking roads in Washington, D.C., intends to replicate such actions throughout the country, causing widespread disruption and inconvenience.

Eco-Terrorism Tactics: Vandalism and Symbolic Protests

Eco-terrorism groups have employed various tactics to grab attention and disrupt normalcy. These tactics include planting trees in prominent locations, supergluing themselves to landmarks, defacing artwork in major galleries, and even shutting down runways used by private jets. Their objective is to make people’s lives as miserable as possible, drawing attention to their demand for the elimination of oil-based fuel production and consumption.

The Demand for a National Climate Crisis Declaration

Declare Emergency is demanding that President Joe Biden declare a national climate crisis, providing him with executive powers to halt all earth-based fuel production and usage. If this were to occur, the consequences for the American economy would be catastrophic, resulting in a collapse and potentially causing widespread death and suffering.


As the World Economic Forum and its affiliates prepare for a “summer of chaos” in America, it is crucial to understand the motivations and implications of such actions. Extinction Rebellion and other eco-terrorism groups aim to disrupt the status quo, demanding immediate action on climate change. However, their paradoxical reliance on oil-based resources raises questions about the consistency of their message. The potential consequences of widespread civil unrest and the demands for a national climate crisis declaration are significant and warrant careful consideration as America braces for an eventful summer.

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