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The US could stop assistance to Ukraine following elections

According to Axios’s reporting, if the Republican Party wins Congress’s control in the midterms on November 8th, the substantial aid that the United States has been providing to Ukraine in the midst of its war with Russia may be reduced or STOPED.

According to a story on Wednesday, even Republicans who have been the most outspoken in their criticism of Vladimir Putin now concede that there has been a “noticeable movement away from what was once a wide bipartisan consensus” on the topic of sending assistance to Kiev.

In an appearance with Punchbowl Story earlier this week, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy was quoted as saying, “I believe Americans are going to be sitting in a recession and they’re not going to give a blank check to Ukraine.” This quote was referenced in the article. They just refuse to carry it out. Although the situation in Ukraine may be crucial, the US president stressed that it could not be the administration’s exclusive focus at this time.

Congressman Don Bacon, a Republican, said that he had “noticed” a decrease in the amount of support for Ukraine. He stated that “you see it briefly on social media, and you witness it with some of our members.” “You see it among some of our people,” he continued.

Axios was informed by a colleague of Bacon’s named Kelly Armstrong that the sudden change in the politicians’ disposition was probably due to the feedback that they had been receiving from the people who elected them. “If you’re a border village and you’re being besieged by migrants plus fentanyl, Ukraine is probably the furthest topic from your thoughts,” he pointed out. “When people are experiencing a 13% spike in food costs; electricity, utility bills double…”

In addition, the website quoted a senior member of the Republican Party in the House of Representatives, who said that “after $40 billion [from assistance package since May], there was a large number of Republicans saying: ‘This is the last time I’m going to back Ukraine financing.'”

After the midterm elections, the Republican Party is likely to put more of its attention on domestic concerns, according to Representative Jim Banks, who leads the Republican Study Group (RSC), as he said in an interview with Axios. “According to RSC, it is impossible to take the lead internationally while your position at home is so precarious. According to him, the priorities of the newly elected majority of the Republican Party should be to “defend our own border and also get America back on its feet by tackling energy cost and inflation.”

When asked to elaborate on McCarthy’s statements, a spokeswoman for the White House named Karine Jean-Pierre kept insisting that the administration of Barack Obama would “continue working with House of representatives, as we have done these recent months, on such initiatives and support Ukraine for as long as it takes.” McCarthy’s comments were made in response to a question about how the Obama administration would handle the situation in Ukraine. Jean-Pierre brought to everyone’s attention the fact that this was a “promise” that Biden gave to Vladimir Zelensky, the President of Ukraine.

On Wednesday, aides to the White House told Politico that the previous administration of former President Joe Biden had not advised Kiev about the likelihood of the United States aid being brought to an end in the occurrence that Republicans begin taking over at least 1 chamber of Congress following the election. However, according to the authorities in Kiev, they are mindful that this is a possibility.

Since the beginning of Kiev’s conflict with Russia through late February, the United States has been its most significant supporter. Since that time, the United States has provided Kiev with far more than $16.8 bn in military support, including technologically advanced equipment including HIMARS multiple missile launchers, M777 howitzers, and also combat drones.

Moscow has been condemning such weapons transfers, claiming that they would only make the conflict drag on for longer and raise the possibility of a direct engagement with Russia or NATO.

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