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The US Border is in Disarray

The US border is in disarray, and Joe Biden’s open borders policies are leaving the nation vulnerable to attack. Republicans and some Democrats have been sounding the alarm for two years now, and a new video posted online only strengthens their belief.

But there’s a new twist to the border crisis that’s gotten everyone talking. Fox News recently shared a video that shows military-aged Chinese men crossing the border at an alarming rate, leaving authorities overwhelmed and unable to provide housing for all of them.

Could China be using our open borders to build a secret army within the US? That’s the intriguing theory put forth by a Twitter user going by the handle “Amuse” in a recent Substack post. The theory is based on an ancient one involving terra-cotta statues, and it’s got people wondering if there’s more to the border crisis than meets the eye.

While the Biden administration is focused on its proxy war in Ukraine, China may be quietly sending thousands of military-aged males across our southern border. It’s a scenario that bears an eerie resemblance to the first Emperor of China’s secret terracotta army, built to accompany him in the afterlife. The question is, what will be the consequences of this new trend at the US border?

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