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Is This a Hollywood Blockbuster or Real Life? Unveiling the CCP-Democrats Biolab Connection

Well, isn’t this just the plot twist we never knew we needed in real life? Who needs Hollywood dramas when you’ve got genetically engineered mice and infectious agents playing their part in a potential blockbuster bioweapon saga? With the CCP-Democrats Biolab Connection at the center of the stage, it’s clear that reality can indeed rival fiction – move over, screenwriters, the unexpected collaboration of politics, and Biolabs is the new edge-of-your-seat entertainment!

In a startling revelation, a recent report by renowned author Gordon Chang has suggested a potentially alarming collusion between the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Democrats. According to Chang, who authored the acclaimed book “The Great U.S.-China Tech War,” the discovery of genetically engineered mice and a variety of infectious agents at a warehouse in Reedley, California, raises concerns of a sinister plot involving a Newsom-funded bio lab.

Uncovering the Disturbing Findings

The discovery of approximately 1,000 mice, among which 175 were found dead, has caught the attention of experts and analysts alike. These genetically modified mice were specifically engineered to transmit diseases, raising suspicions of their intended purpose. Chang emphasized the gravity of the situation during a recent interview with Fox News, asserting that the most plausible conclusion is that China may have been gearing up to launch a bioweapon attack on American soil.

Potential Ramifications of the Unsettling Revelation

It is imperative to thoroughly examine the implications of these findings. If indeed the CCP had a hand in this alleged scheme, the consequences could be catastrophic. Chang stressed the need for vigilance, suggesting that similar facilities may be hidden across the United States. Acknowledging the potential devastation that diseases can unleash on society, he urged authorities to take immediate action.

Unmasking the Secret Biolab

The discovery of a secretive Chinese bio lab operating within an ostensibly “abandoned” building raises even more concerns. Months of covert operations in the facility were exposed by inspectors who stumbled upon a range of troubling evidence. Among the items discovered were medical waste, hazardous materials, pregnancy, and COVID kits, as well as vials containing biological and viral agents encompassing diseases like coronavirus, HIV, malaria, E. coli, hepatitis, and chlamydia.

An Act of War?

Chang previously expressed his belief that the illicit bio lab’s existence constitutes an act of warfare perpetrated by the CCP against the United States. The purported focus of the lab on producing COVID-19 tests for pregnancy was contradicted by the presence of numerous agents associated with various diseases. Moreover, the inclusion of genetically modified white lab mice, designed to carry pathogens, added another layer of suspicion to the operation.

Unveiling the Ominous Intent

In light of these revelations, it becomes increasingly crucial to contemplate the potential purpose behind such a facility. Chang’s assertion that the bio lab could be linked to the creation of biological weapons within the United States raises chilling possibilities. The presence of genetically modified mice capable of carrying the COVID-19 virus only amplifies concerns surrounding the CCP’s intentions.

A Stark Admission

A representative from Prestige BioTech, the company allegedly backed by the CCP and responsible for the illegal lab’s operations, acknowledged that the genetically engineered mice on-site were indeed designed to catch and carry the COVID-19 virus. This startling admission further deepens the suspicions surrounding the bio lab’s activities and its potential ties to the CCP.

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