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The New York Times Actually Said This

New York Times Actually Said

Can you believe that the New York Times actually said this: ‘Australia Is Still a Free Country, Despite Our Covid Lockdowns?’

At the same time … Australia launches toughest vax requirement on the planet

Throughout Melbourne, even under the current “removed restrictions” – the carrot suspended and dangling ahead of the COVID slaves/former residents’ faces, coursing them to accept the jab – however, the people STILL must:

Wear face masks inside and outside AT ALL TIMES

May never leave town to take a trip to say, Greater Victoria, or some other area of Australia

May not have events bigger than ten people

Needs to work from the house as a business is only permitted to run at 25% capacity

Can not go to dining establishments, zoos, fitness centers, and so forth without having vax techno-papers, or better known as the QR code.

In their grace, however, the Victorian powers are going to permit wedding ceremonies and funeral services for the SLAVES (using reasonable restrictions, obviously).

“An outdoor wedding can have 50 fully vaccinated people, or 20 with unknown vaccination status, while an indoor wedding can have 20 fully vaccinated people, or just 10 when the vaccination status is unclear.

The same caps apply for both religious gatherings and funerals.”

As a “Useful idiot” you Fulfilled Your Objective

Isn’t that strange – only the press and personalities who push the very same neoliberal narrative are NEVER banned and, as a matter of fact, are actually ADORED as models/towers of principles? As undeviating idols?

Gaslighting the general public in support of the ruling elites (their promoters) is the corporate and business multimedia’s genuine and ONLY purpose – NEVER provide ANY facts, scare as many as you can…

Here is How Liberty Tumbles and Tyranny Thrives

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