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COVID Death Saves and Vaccination Effectiveness

Vaccination Effectiveness

Here, our staff concentrates almost entirely on COVID death saves and vaccination effectiveness, as people are being persuaded that injections are completely risk-free. However, that is just not correct.

For instance, there are 4 times as much congestive heart failure in the treatment option group during the Pfizer 6-month trial review. This wasn’t rotten luck. VAERS reveals heart attacks occurred 71x more frequently following these kinds of injections matched up or compared to any and all other vaccination. Think about that for a second…

Of all 20 who passed away, that acquired the substance, 14 passed away after getting the placebo. Few folks recognized this. Assuming that the net all-cause death directly from the vaccination is actually negative, injections, boosters, and even mandates are all ridiculous.

As a “Useful idiot” you Fulfilled Your Objective

Even when or IF the vaccinations came with a 100% safety guarentee, it still implies we eradicated or killed 2 people in order to save 1.

In the assisted living home care centers, loss of life, details reveal about fifty percent of the immunized perished or died, while NOT one of the unvaccinated passed away. Go figure?

Here is How Liberty Tumbles and Tyranny Thrives

“My neighbor got the jab from all the media hype. Heart attack and two blood clots one in each lung…. countless cases like this…. I’ve seen it firsthand myself with my own eyes, again you guys can scream none of its real, all you want”… said a friend…

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