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The New Normal For Kids

The most recent revision or update regarding the “new normal” for Kids — narrating the deceptions, misinterpretations, and even misconducts by the nobility such as Father Fauci.

Kids have absolutely NO psychological strength to stand up to brainwashing. They simply cannot separate truth from myth. The Neoliberal Congregation, excited to get their paws on new disciples and take advantage of their susceptibilities.

” Instruct a kid on the way he or she needs to go; even when he/she is older he or she will never depart from it.”

In order to fashion kids’ minds and views that strengthen and help them grow toward adult years, youngsters depend on trusted people, regardless if they are real or imaginary.

Remember when Sanjay Gupta got trashed during a Joe Rogan program/interview? When pushed about his employer’s insupportable Ivermectin “horse dewormer” lies (one of the more top-level fights in the Ivermectin Info Battle).

In order to offset his public humiliation, Sanjay chose to take his brainwashing to an even more susceptible target market: kids that get a kick out of Sesame Street.

Sen. Ted Cruz correctly defined CNN’s Big Bird production with regard to kids as “government brainwashing.” Even so, Cruz excluded the “Big Pharma” part of the formula — most likely because he brought in millions of “medicine and healthcare market” bucks over the last 5 years from them.

Still, that’s beside the point.

Children and Covid The Dos and Don’ts

A CNN talking head, consequently, dutifully read from his cue card to tag Cruz a “troll.”.

Past year, a COVID slave with ambitions of an acting career for her young child paraded his kid in front of several CNN cameras in order to provide a weepy appeal.

This individual asked Warlord Fauci if he might be permitted to give his grandma “100 hugs” at Christmastime?

In his generosity, Warlord Fauci said that kids may hug granny but ONLY under a number of strict conditions.

They are “immediate family” such as the youngster resides with granny, 3rd World-style.

Grandmother or the young child have not been to flight terminals or train terminals.

Grandmother and young child are harnessed up with face masks.

This yr, when asked essentially the exact same question, Fauci pointed out that it was simply “too soon to tell” if X-mas may be nixed.

And the DECEPTION continues!

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