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Trudeau’s Attempt to Reduce Nitrogen Emissions from Fertilizer

As per a Government of Saskatchewan news release, both Alberta and Saskatchewan’s Ministers of Agriculture have expressed “profound disappointment” in Trudeau’s decision to attempt to reduce nitrogen emissions from fertilizer.

We asked various people on the street what they thought of JT and his actions, and this is what they said :

Jane Perkins – Trudeau’s goal obviously is to create as much chaos as possible.

Paul Fletcher – I would love to know how he can do this when all the MP are off for the summer?.

Irene MacLean – Come to PEI and see what happens to our rivers when farmers over-fertilize. Or better yet do a bit of research and see previous fish kills. Farmers would save a ton of money with proper fertilizing.

Tracy Davidson said – Are you a farmer? Have you planted anything but flowers?

Christy said – Justin Trudeau is the worst most pathetic “World Leader” that has ever been.

Justin Trudeau Is The Original Dumb and Dumber, just take a closer look at who he looks like in that movie…

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