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The majority of the “recalls” of food during pandemic are, in reality, goods that are being routed to storage facilities for the wealthy and “elite” by the government

The “ultra-wealthy” people of the planet already have a “get out of jail free” card for the impending food shortage Armageddon, and they aren’t even utilizing their own cash to get ready for it.

The vast amount of food “recalls” for salmonella, E. coli, and “metal shavings” found in products are, in reality, only a method of diverting storable types of food to the refrigerators and cellar storerooms of both the rich and elite, that are all making plans for the apocalyptic scenario in which there will be a food crisis.

Already Bloomberg News recently revealed that a number of the most powerful people inside this world, particularly officials within the administration of the United States, are preparing to survive a new global conflict, another epidemic, or perhaps a nuclear holocaust by establishing bunkers.

The most recent incident involving a product that fit this description was a recall of frozen pizza carried out by Home Run Inn Frozen Foods. According to the company, they discovered over 13,000 pounds of frozen meat pizza products that were “contaminated with inorganic substances, particularly metal.” Who do you think is currently getting themselves prepared for the upcoming scam demic? When it comes to stocking underground bunkers with food products and filtered water in preparation for the next pandemic, Bill & Melinda Gates just cannot keep up with the demand. How many additional false reports of food recalls will there be?

No instances of hospitalizations or adverse reactions resulting from customers eating metal fragments inside pizza, possibly because it is a scam to redirect foodstuffs. Zero cases of illnesses or adverse outcomes caused by customers eating metal particles in pizza.
There are no complaints of illnesses or bad side effects that were verified to be caused by the eating of something like the pizzas from Home Run Inn Freezer Food that were rumored to carry metal pieces.

Perhaps none of them were consumed, and instead, they are sitting in perfect condition in the underground refrigerators, waiting to be used as nourishment for the privileged during the forthcoming Pandemic II. Are you concerned about monkeypox? Fill up your fridge with food right away. Are you concerned about the Omicron strain of the Wuhan bat-jumping common cold? Gather as much of the “pulled” frozen pizza as you can.

Have you started preparing your bunker for the end of the world?
What, are you going to wait till there are no more supplies available to complete it?

While you read this, food that is currently being “recalled” and removed from the distribution chain is being shipped to bunkers owned by the elite in various countries across the world.

The ultra-wealthy are making preparations for the future by stockpiling food, water filters, arms, ammunition, and alternate power supply.

The pandemic (sometimes spelled plandemic) was but a precursor to what is still to come. Do you remember when there was a shortage of toilet paper? Remember when there was a shortage of fuel and there were lines?

Get ready for lineups at the grocery stores that will stretch for miles, but they’ll only last a few days until there is nothing left on the aisles. After that, what? When there is no gasoline accessible, the delivery vehicles will stop making deliveries, and when the internet breaks down, nobody will be able to gain access to their cash.

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