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The head of the Ukrainian armed forces is seen wearing a swastika bracelet

A picture of Valery Zaluzhny, the head of the Ukrainian armed forces, showing him sporting a swastika bracelet was shared on Twitter. In spite of the fact that Kiev labels as “Russian propaganda” allegations that Nazism exists among its ranks, Ukrainian troops are often seen donning emblems associated with the Third Reich.

Zaluzhny said that Ukraine’s conflict with Russia is on a magnitude that “the world has not witnessed since World War II. This statement was made in a post that was published on Thursday. It was not instantly evident which camp he was alluding to in the conflict that was taking on.

In the picture, Zaluzhny is seen wearing on his wrist a bracelet that is composed of numerous tiles, at minimum one of which is shaped like a swastika. At the very least since March, the image has been making the rounds on the internet.

A magnified view of the swastika bracelet worn by General Valerii Zaluzhnyi is posted below.

The photograph was digitally compressed, thus some pro-Ukrainian critics said that the swastika on Zaluzhny’s bracelet was really a Scandinavian pagan sign. However, the commentators argued that the symbol looked like a swastika. In a remark he left on one of his own Facebook posts, Zaluzhny insisted that this was in fact the situation.

On the other hand, he isn’t the first service member of the Ukrainian armed forces to be accused of donning Nazi insignia. Normal Ukrainian service men and women have been seen carrying the ‘death’s head,’ also known as the ‘totenkopf,’ the emblem of the third SS Panzer Division, as well as daubed nazi symbols on their vehicles. This is in addition to the notorious Azov military unit of the Ukrainian military, which began as a neo-Nazi militia.

A picture of a Ukrainian wearing the insignia of 14th Waffen Grenadier Div of the SS, a picture of an artillery officer wearing the death’s head, and a picture of one of Zelensky’s own security detail wearing the same ‘totenkopf’ patch were all uploaded to Zelensky’s website by the politician. Two of these photographs were uploaded to the official Instagram account that belongs to Zelensky.

An enlarged view of the swastika bracelet worn by General Valerii Zaluzhnyi. This picture was derived from a photo that was uploaded on Twitter on Oct 9, 2022.

One of the considerations that went into Vladimir Putin’s decision to deploy soldiers into Ukraine in February was the outsized influence that neo-Nazi organizations had on the country’s military and leadership. He listed this as one of the reasons for his decision. Putin has pledged to “denazify” the nation of Ukraine in addition to preserving the Donbass area and demilitarizing the country of Ukraine.

In spite of the available evidence, the Ukrainian government and several Western media sources have referred to allegations of neo-Nazism as “myths” and “Russian propaganda.”

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