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Are mRNA Shots Responsible for Inducing Dramatic Personality Changes in Some Recipients: WHY?

dramatic personality changes

So what are these dramatic personality changes in some recipients? let’s get into it, shall we? Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, an attorney, conducted interviews with Professor Sucharit Bhakdi and Professor Reiner Fuellmich, both of whom are representatives of the International Crime Investigative Committee.

Drs. Karina Reiss, Naomi Wolf, with Peter R. Breggin talked about the potentially harmful consequences of getting an mRNA shot.

One of the subjects that they spoke about was how the injections break the blood-brain barrier, destroy the microscopic capillaries inside the brain, and cause substantial brain damage, which often leads to dramatic personality changes.

The fact that some people who get the mRNA injections end up suffering a broken will is not precisely a typical adverse effect of a “vaccine,” but it does happen. What are those things doing to individuals that cause a change in how their brain operates, and how can we stop it?

That was the topic that was covered in the conversation, which you can see in its entirety over at The Exposé.

During the course of the interview, Wolf explained what the post-injection “breaking of people’s will” looks like in real life, whereas Breggin emphasized the shocking resemblances with what the mRNA treatments do to the brain as well as the consequences of an actual lobotomy. Wolf’s explanation was followed by Breggin’s focus on these parallels.

Their conversation makes it very evident that the  injection campaign is in point of fact, one of the cruelest and most barbaric human rights crimes that have ever been perpetrated — and this was done, to top it off, in the name of “public health.

According to Fuellmich, persons who were once healthy and lively have turned “docile” and forgetful after receiving injections.

One of the things that Fuellmich & his wife have seen on a personal level is that waitresses at nearby restaurants who were formerly full of life, smart and engaged are no longer acting like their typical selves. Some of them forget things all the time and have to keep coming back to the table, while others have become “docile” when they before had forceful personalities.

Wolf said that she, in addition to everyone else, had seen this. There are also grounds for it that Bhakdi stated is caused by the breakdown of a blood-brain barrier and the insertion of mRNA in brain tissue. Bhakdi has also disclosed in various presentations that he has made, that the objective is to ultimately make it so that all so-called vaccinations include mRNA.

Bhakdi said to the audience that the majority of people do not comprehend the fact that all mRNA jabs pose a hazard to life and are potentially harmful. It makes no difference whether the shot encodes for such spike protein, the measles protein, or the influenza protein; it will still protect against all of them. Why? Because the capacity of the innate immunity to distinguish between self and non-self is the root source of the whole risk posed by the shot.

The debate focuses on the fact that the harm that is caused to that same nervous system is a phenomenon that is observable and quantifiable, and it is this point that is emphasized.

In many instances, individuals who have received injections are no longer behaving in a manner consistent with who they were prior to the procedure and are instead exhibiting strange feelings that weren’t previously a part of their identity.

“People, coworkers of mine when they were infused would be significantly more dichotomous in their reasoning, much more rigid,” Wolf further revealed about her discoveries. “And if you know the anatomy of the brain, it makes sense.”

If people’s thinking has become more rigid and if there has been harm to the neurological structures, then this sounds like something that should be investigated further.

I was also aware that individuals were considerably more hostile, had less capacity to regulate their emotions, and had more instinctive responses to being provoked. Others have also been noting that the change is effective, which means that individuals who were once warm and loving have turned cold, aloof, or have cut other people off.

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