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The Global Elite’s Disturbing Agenda: By 2030, all infants will be manufactured in labs

In a shocking turn of events, the World Economic Forum (WEF), the embodiment of global elites, has unveiled its insidious plan to exert control over the genetic makeup of every individual born in future generations. Their audacious proposal suggests gene editing for unborn children, ostensibly to eliminate diseases and disabilities, but also to eradicate psychological traits that do not align with the elites’ preferences. This article delves into the WEF’s agenda, uncovers its manipulative strategies, and sheds light on the imminent threat they pose to humanity’s freedom and autonomy.

The WEF’s Ambitions: Total Domination and Genetic Control

The WEF, an influential global organization, is surreptitiously establishing a foundation to dominate all aspects of our lives. Their pursuit of power extends beyond gene editing for those who received experimental mRNA jabs; now, they threaten to manipulate the genetic material of our unborn children. In their quest to accomplish this unthinkable crime against humanity, the WEF has been actively developing artificial wombs, enabling the growth of fetuses outside a mother’s body.

One might argue that the scientists involved in this endeavor could have focused their efforts on more productive and morally sound pursuits, rather than meddle with nature in such a grotesque manner. Instead of creating human life in a lab, one might have expected them to engage in groundbreaking research that benefits society as a whole.

A Perilous Breakthrough: Human Babies Grown in Labs

Recent breakthroughs, fueled by WEF funding, have brought us to the brink of a chilling reality. Researchers in Japan, supported by the WEF, are on the cusp of artificially creating human eggs and sperm in laboratories, eliminating the need for natural human reproduction. These laboratory-grown human reproductive cells will then be nurtured in artificial wombs, edging humanity closer to a future where babies are manufactured rather than conceived through natural means.

Professor Katsuhiko Hayashi, a Japanese scientist at Kyushu University, who has already achieved this feat with mice, confidently predicts that within five years, the same results can be replicated in humans. Such advancements would empower the global elite to fulfill their longstanding desire to play god with the human race.

Ethical Concerns: The Implications of Genetic Manipulation

As we delve further into this alarming future, ethical concerns inevitably arise. The ability to create human life in a lab raises profound questions about the age restrictions surrounding childbirth. Should this technology mature, women of any age, including pre-pubescent girls, would possess the ability to give birth. Additionally, the advent of gene-editing tools may lead to the intentional design of babies with specific traits, paving the way for the notion of an assumed “perfect” child—a prospect that should deeply trouble us all.

Considering the parties funding this project, we must critically examine the idealized image of the genetically engineered human being harbored by the global elite. What attributes do they deem desirable, and what values underpin their definition of perfection?

The Elites’ Vision: Playing God and Crafting a Genetic Catalogue

Yuval Noah Harari, often referred to as “the Prophet” among the Davos crowd and a trusted associate of Klaus Schwab exposes disturbing insights into the elites’ vision for humanity in his manifesto, Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow. Harari hints at the traits the global elite plan to implant in future generations through gene editing, envisioning a future where a “genetic child catalogue” guides the creation of subservient and compliant human beings.

It is disconcerting to note that Harari boldly proclaims the demise of God while the WEF assumes the role of a divine creator, wielding power over life and death. Sadly, mainstream media has largely ignored the wickedness of their agenda, providing cover for these techno-communist psychopaths as they advance toward their goal of eradicating both national and individual sovereignty.

A Dystopian Future Beckons: Serfdom 2.0 and the Eradication of Freedom

While the world remains largely unaware, the global elites have been diligently working behind the scenes for decades, silently constructing a dystopian future. Their nefarious intentions become clearer as they aim to strip us of our fundamental freedoms, reduce us to subservience, and mold us into pliant beings devoid of resistance. Through the adoption of eugenics, updated for the modern era, the elites seek to build a totalitarian control system where they own not only material possessions but also control our very essence.

Their plans are already underway, and this audacious power grab by unelected elites threatens every facet of our lives. The genetic manipulation of our unborn children represents a horrifying violation of our autonomy. It is imperative that we raise awareness about their malicious intentions to mobilize against this globalist totalitarian dictatorship and safeguard the future of our children and generations to come.

Conclusion: Defeating the Globalist Coup and Protecting Our Freedoms

In these critical times, the preservation of our most basic freedoms, along with the freedom of future generations, hinges on our response to the globalist coup orchestrated by these shadowy elites. While their influence has been pervasive for decades, the light of truth is slowly but surely illuminating their sinister agenda. Increasing numbers of individuals are awakening to the realities of their malevolent objectives, and it is incumbent upon us to spread awareness, unite, and counter their nefarious plans.

As Klaus Schwab lauds China’s model as the future of the world, we must question whether such a world aligns with the aspirations we hold for our children and their progeny. The time to act is now—to resist the encroachment of totalitarianism, safeguard our autonomy, and ensure that the global elites’ perverse fantasies of genetic control do not become our horrifying reality. Together, we can dismantle their wicked empire and forge a future built on freedom, dignity, and individual sovereignty.

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