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The Corporation, like Fire, makes for a Helpful Tool and a Treacherous Enemy

Helpful Tool and a Treacherous Enemy

Are they a Helpful Tool and a Treacherous Enemy? well, remember that the heads of corporations are entrusted with increasing earnings over everything.

Public administrators, as a matter of fact, possess a legitimately enforceable guardian obligation in order to boost earnings as their key functionality. This is actually a morality-free essential fact, not always ideal and not incorrect; it is merely the nature of the beast.

What happens when the company ends up being the state?

What does a corporation or any BIG business organization care about your personal freedom? Absolutely nothing – not today, NOT EVER.

Profiteering is the ideology, the bottom line...

Assuming that optimum earnings are to be generated in totally free culture and if riches are to be extracted from an ocean of enslaved zombies, equally as good – it’s just the same to the investors.

German Grocery Stores to stop Unvaccinated People from Entry

What happens when the profit-seeking imperative of corporate and business enterprise combines with the control-seeking imperative of state and federal government?

Now, today in 2021, the interests of the state and corporations have merged- to ensure that it does not matter which body drives the fostering of “vaccination passports“:

” At the very least 17 [United States] firms, not-for-profit companies are building web pages & apps to be used by sporting platforms, dining establishments and many other services seeking or claiming to keep their clients and staff members safe, basing on … the governing administrator of the AIA, an extensive alliance of healthcare service providers, technology firms, employers and major insurance companies.”

Ask oneself: if you can not work, send your youngsters to school, travel on an aircraft, cross borders, or perhaps even shop in a food store without having a “vaccination passport” (as CNN fairly recently recommended), does it make a difference whether or not the state or a nonpublic firm creates the app and administers the program?

Handling the Forced CV 1 Niner Tyranny

The final outcome: a dystopian hellscape void of any personal liberty.

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