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Renowned Cardiologist Raises Alarm: Bill Gates’ mRNA Vaccines Pose Serious Health Risks to Humanity

In a recent testament before the European Parliament, Dr. Peter McCullough, a leading cardiologist, raised severe issues about the security of Expense Gates’ mRNA innovation, specifying that it is not appropriate for human intake. This short article looks into Dr. McCullough’s testimony and explores the possible risks connected with mRNA vaccines.

Revealing Issues Over mRNA Technology

Dr. Peter McCullough, an internationally acknowledged cardiologist, recently resolved the European Parliament, shedding light on the possible dangers of Costs Gates’ mRNA innovation. THis testimony comes as an action to the World Health Organization’s influence on worldwide health policies.

The Effect of COVID mRNA Shots: A Troubling Revelation

McCullough provided compelling proof of the widespread damage brought on by COVID mRNA shots, challenging the narrative associating health issues to the infection. Contrary to popular belief, he asserted that the mRNA injections, not the infection itself, are responsible for increasing disease and mortality rates.

Urgent Call to Action: Stop Vaccination Efforts

During the hearing, Dr. McCullough emphatically stated that the course forward is for no one to take another shot. He argued that the COVID-19 vaccines, along with prospective future boosters, are not safe for human use. He urged stakeholders, including the European Union and the United States, to withdraw support from the WHO, which backs these vaccines.

Revealing the Cover-Up: Origins of SARS-CoV-2

Dr. McCullough alleged a cover-up initiated by influential figures, including Anthony Fauci and Francis Collins, regarding the crafted origins of SARS-CoV-2. He accused them of deceiving the world through deceptive papers in peer-reviewed literature, perpetuating misinformation about the infection’s origins.

Understanding the Vaccine’s Influence on Health: Four Significant Domains

McCullough detailed the disconcerting impact of mRNA vaccines on human health, indicating 4 major domains of disease. These include cardiovascular issues, neurological diseases, blood clots, and immunologic irregularities. The spike protein, an element of the virus targeted by the mRNA vaccine, is linked in serious health issues.

Reassessing Vaccine Safety: A Plea for Seriousness

Dr. McCullough highlighted that around 30% of vaccine recipients experience no unfavorable effects, while almost 70% face moderate side effects. Nevertheless, a considerable 4.2% encounter severe problems such as myocarditis, heart attack, embolism, and even sudden death. He urged immediate action to remove COVID-19 vaccines from the market, emphasizing the immediate requirement to reevaluate vaccine security.

Conclusion: Questioning the Security of mRNA Vaccines

In conclusion, Dr. Peter McCullough’s statement raises crucial questions about the safety of Costs Gates’ mRNA technology. As concerns install regarding the effect of mRNA vaccines on international health, the need for a thorough reevaluation of vaccination strategies emerges. The call to withdraw support from the WHO highlights the seriousness of attending to these important concerns for the well-being of the worldwide population.

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