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Maggots of the First Order

These are Maggots of the First Order

We are dealing with maggots of the first order, that have overthrown entire communities and even nations, who enjoy seeing the middle class suffer and perish in order to accelerate their own plan.

Human rights are being put on hold for a very long and uncertain time frame, at the hand of the very same individuals that wield them.

Who realized or knew that anything like this might be carried out or done in the name of Health? When folks are actually passing away/dying as a result of the actions, and limitations – Lock-downs then from any CV 1 niner danger.

Is Joe Biden’s Mandate a Bluff to Pressure Americans to Take the Shot?

Drake approved Toronto artist is selling absurd NFT portrait of Trudeau and  Ford
I thought I would throw in a couple of CANADIAN Clowns…

Who saw this coming, that In order to “protect” health care, the state and the federal government could cancel a lot of it and make things tougher to gain access to; build and staff detention camps rather than healthcare facilities, when neither are required; enforce bullying tactics which breach some of the most fundamental concepts from the Nuremberg Code; fire and disregard doctors opinions and objections, and even healthcare employees that dare to reveal state and federal government deceptions or question the mainstream narrative.

Take a look at Dr. Botha’s Microscopic Discoveries are Literally Horrifying!

With a weekly C V 1 Niner-related mortality figure of less than 1 per 100,000 Canadians might have relaxed this so-called hysteria.

The keyword is RELATED and NOT FROM Death … Run that in your head for a little while …

Still, no, our critical thinking brains are simply baying for the blood of the unvaccinated or of anyone that is NOT intimidated by these draconian mandates aka RULES imposed by the people that stand to GAIN a LOT oF CASH from it.

Another thing changed, the media almost UNANIMOUSLY transitioned into lockstep mode. Memes like “2 weeks to flatten the curve” and even “the new normal” plus “build back better” and of course “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” started to show up at the same time in the mouths of authorities as well as press reporters all over the world.

So did restriction and censorship of opposing voices. If censoring someone was NOT achievable, the charge of False information was made as covering fire by hired guns in the media or perhaps within the educational arena, as by public figures like Dr. Fauci. By the way, WHY is this person with the short man syndrome still in power?

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