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Scammers Prey on those with Mental Health Issues

People who disclose mental health problems are becoming heroes in today’s culture.

Major news outlets have been relentless in perpetuating the notion that “extreme right-wing organizations are urging violence…” in the midst of the Government raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago. Conflict in the Civil War…”

A civil war, it seems, has already begun here.

These individuals who “go forward” with their stories are real heroes.

I hope that makes sense. The term “mental health problems” is a BRAND. It’s being marketed and sold in the same way that people buy SUVs, breakfast cereal, alcohol, and body lotion.

A staggering comment by the National Association on Mental Disorder, regarding a study of college students, should give you some notion of how effective the sales pitch is, and has been:

They also discovered that “students are now more willing to use university mental health care…”

Nearly 20% of respondents in 2015 indicated they have made use of these services…

Also, 75% of students expressed interest in making use of campus counseling programs.

These programs act as a funnel for people to get a diagnosis of something like a mental illness and subsequent medication.

These pharmaceuticals are the main attraction and source of revenue.

Very significant mental issues are brought on by the medicines. It’s undeniable that some persons who claim to be suffering from mental health problems nowadays are actually describing the after-effects of medicines.

Many who say they are “stimulated” by certain words or concepts are actually describing the effects of taking those drugs; however, these students are unaware of this.

Through its promotion of fiendishly unscientific nonsense, psychiatry opens the door to the definition of several nonexistent subtypes of awareness. Fairy tales and mythology are inexpensive fiction.

Now is the opportunity to bring out the evidence against psychology, proving once and for all how flawed this “science” is.

To begin, we must ask whether or not psychological diseases may be explained by proven scientific principles. In the present day, there are approximately 350 of them. Just the same as fruit flies, their numbers explode.

For the past decade, a well-known secret has been slowly seeping into the general public, that NO SUCH THING AS A DEFINITIVE LABORATORY TEST EXISTS FOR ANY Pseudo-mental Disorder.

There will be no diagnostic procedures carried out on the patient, including but not limited to, laboratory analysis of blood, pee, spit, neuroimaging, or genetic testing.

Then again: Panels of psychologists pick a variety of abnormal human behaviors and then invent names, labels, descriptions, and diagnostic categories for each one, resulting in a wide range of so-called psychological illnesses.

The American Psychiatric Association (APA) publishes its discoveries in revisions of The Diagnosis and Mental Disorders Statistical Manual (DSM) on a regular basis.

Psychiatrists and others in the field have been sounding the alarm about this “study” for years.

Indeed, there is human suffering. People do indeed face difficulties. Agony and pain are felt by them, yes. For many different causes. Yet this is a MUCH Separate CLAIM THAN SAYING THAT SUFFERING Could Be CLASSIFIED INTO INDIVIDUAL Clearly labeled DISORDERS THAT Happen, Could Be Detected, and Could Be Handled WITH A SNOWSTORM OF Psych Prescription medications.

It’s no surprise that drug manufacturers, who produce extremely poisonous medicines to treat all of those “abnormalities,” are spearheading the push to create new psychological classifications so they can increase sales of those medications thus increasing profits.

Does ADHD Exist? was the title of a program on PBS Frontline. Renowned psychiatrist & neurologist teacher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Med School, Dr. Russell Barkley, unwittingly revealed the scam.

Naysayers, the PBS FRONTLINE reporter says, claim that there isn’t any physical sign; that ADHD is the sole ailment that does not have a blood test; and the root cause of the disorder is unknown.

BARKLEY: That’s really foolish and has profound scientific and psychological health literacy deficits. There is no requirement for blood work to validate a disease. These mental illnesses would’ve been invalid if this were the reality. Currently, no scientific method exists for diagnosing a mental illness in a laboratory setting. In any event, it doesn’t render them useless.

This is the situation we’re in: the federal government has sanctioned the psychiatric industry’s bid to become the sole provider of mental health care. These psychiatric “professionals” are among the weirdest people alive because of the nature of their jobs.

Why do psychiatrists have a free pass all the time? Each keeps a journal. They are a common sight in classrooms and clinics. They offer their testimony in legal proceedings. They have the backing of many of the world’s most influential businesses, including Big Pharma. People tend to put their trust in them because they are medical professionals.

The most concerning part are that the therapists actually believe their own hype.

Through their formal education, they are slowly but surely brainwashed.

They are hypnotized when awake.

These are people who have reached the pinnacle of success and who have no intention of giving it all up in the interest of honesty.

What about mom and dad and the kids? Jimmy, we couldn’t be more thrilled that you’ve decided to further your education. There’s now a one-quarter possibility that you will be labeled with some type of mental illness while you are there. This is a positive move. You will be helped. Pay attention to what the medical professional says. Just do it; swallow the pills.

No parent would ever say something like that, of course. But even that is what they are unwittingly preparing their kids for by mistake.

This university is essentially a mental institution, Jimmy. On the other hand, you’ll pick up some useful knowledge in the classroom.

Yes, there is more. And more. But for the moment I’ll keep it at that…

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