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Sudden Death Seen all Across The Globe – WHY?

Sudden Death

After the distribution of covid “vaccines,” a phenomenon known as “sudden death” has been seen all across the globe. The explanation of this occurrence may be narrowed down to a single factor: the actions of spike proteins, which speed up the aging process.

Since the discovery of the SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein, the whole world has been shocked and perplexed by the abrupt rise in the number of fatalities as well as the substantially increased excess mortality, both of which continue to rise at an alarming pace with each passing year. The unexpectedly high number of fatalities may be attributed to a wide variety of factors. There is more to this “pandemic” than only abrupt cardiac arrests, malignancies, and neurological illnesses. There does not seem to be a single motivating factor behind all of this chaos.

We now know that spike proteins may enter every organ in the body and that once they do so, they can turn a person from a youthful age into an old age or an old age into a very old age. This is the reason why young people all over the world, particularly athletes who are in form, are passing away unexpectedly from cardiac incidents.

This condition is referred to as Spike Protein Endothelial Sickness, or SPED, by Walter M. Chesnut from WMC Research. Mr. Chesnut characterizes SPED as Stage One of a disease that he refers to as Spike Proteins Progeria Syndrome (SPPS).

Chesnut states that spike protein permeability syndrome (SPPS) is an endothelial response to the infiltration of spike protein into all of the main organs of the body.

“Consider this similar to the shock of being plunged in cold water or even being blasted with fire,” he writes. “Consider this like the trauma of being drowned in freezing water.” Damage occurs IMMEDIATELY after an assault to the endothelium, including inflammation, coagulation, and everything else that comes along with it.

“However, when the Spike Protein has successfully INVADED vascular endothelium of all the main organs, this then PROCEEDS TO Stimulate MISTRANSLATION With mRNA in each organ.”

The Covid jab spike proteins serve the purpose of an ANTI-AGING medication, which speeds up the dying process.

This is then followed by Stage Two of SPPS, which is the early aging of all organs within the body owing to triggered mistranslations of the protein that are needed for optimal organ functioning. Stage Two of SPPS is characterized by the premature aging of all organs within the body.

Mice models demonstrate that animals that were subjected to an onslaught of spike proteins accumulated deadly poisons within their organs. This accumulation caused the animals to age prematurely in a variety of ways, including “reduced weight, chest displacements, hunchback body position, poor fur ailment, as well as urinary dysfunction, along with lymphopenia, elevated levels of reactive oxygen species-induced damage, speeded up age-related DNA changes methylation, and telomere attrition

When compared to the lifetime of a clean species, whose body has not been invaded by these injectable poisons, the average longevity of a creature infected with spike protein is much shorter. The former leads to the development of chronic health issues, which significantly raise the chance of passing away at an earlier age.

Improper protein synthesis by mRNA-induced mistranslations by the ribosome is likely to blame for the aging comorbidities that were seen in mice that had been infected with spike protein. These aging comorbidities included frailty, kyphosis, cataracts, and sky dystrophia.

Chesnut says in his writing, “The Wizard is definitely hiding behind the curtain.” “We are watching a 26-year-old die. However, this 26-year-old person has the innards of a 96-year-old person. No big surprise in terms of the early onset of cancer, dementia, or unexpected cardiac death — for a 96-year-old.”

“I think that the Spike Proteins is operating like a progeria drug – supplied by the endothelial to all organs,” said the researcher.

Chesnut has said that he feels “numb” and “very grieved” as a result of these revelations. They provide evidence for what many other people have assumed, namely that covid jab spike protein may infiltrate any kind of tissue in the body and wreak havoc on the functioning of that tissue.

One user remarked regarding the results, “This further verifies all of our ‘conspiracy ideas,'” which was a reference to the findings. I’m going to give some methylene blue a go. If ‘they’ start limiting its use, then we will know that it is effective… essentially in the same way as they did use hydroxychloroquine & IVM (ivermectin).”

Another person offered the following suggestions as possible treatments for spike protein poisoning: “Other recommendations I ’ve noticed (and take) include Nattokinase (recommended by Dr. McCullough and being studied by the Japanese), NAC, Bromelain but also Black Seed Oil (leaves an awful after taste”

“Shortly after I began taking them, I noticed that the lymph vessels in my neck had become somewhat tender. I have a hunch that it was tearing apart the spike proteins and that the spike fragments were then being filtered out by the lymph nodes. After a week, it had disappeared.”

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