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Eradicate Humanity off the face of the Earth

It is a far more serious problem than mere greed. Because these individuals already own all of the money and can, in effect, create more of it, the issue is not one of the financial concerns.

They say it’s about being sustainable, conserving resources, and being environmentally conscious.

However, the only thing that concerns them is population control since, in their perverted minds, the existence of an excessive number of people in the world poses a danger to them. There are metaphysical and spiritual considerations at play here, and they don’t make all of their decisions based just on scientific rationality.

They are a malevolent satanic cult that uses astrology as the basis for their rituals & predictive programming in an effort to manipulate the natural as well as occult laws of this planet in order to carry out their depraved schemes.

Therefore, making money isn’t really their primary objective.

These individuals really aren’t human and therefore are reacting out of fear because they believe that “too many” individuals are the source of a danger to their basic survival. They blame the problem on other people. It is a cult of Satan, and its adherents can no longer be called human because of the terrible things they have done to mankind and to us, whom they regard to be their slaves.

Some say: They’ll never have their NWO. Here is that VIDEO you were waiting for... It’s so REVIELING that Google will NOT let me post it here.

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