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In Broward County, DeSantis SUSPEND 4 members of the Democratic School Board

Governor Ron DeSantis is making use of the privileges that come with his office as the state’s governor to expel dishonest Democrats from positions of power over schools within Broward County.

After an investigation by a grand jury of the board of education, they suggested dismissal, The Florida Governor took the advice and acted, he suspended 4 members of the board.

The choice to dismiss these dishonest individuals from the state board of education did not come from DeSantis on his own initiative. It was the referral that the grand jury made, and DeSantis just followed on it, as he ought to have, in order to exclude them from power. “Glad to see a REAL leader of a Stated that has B***S”.

Obviously, Dems are employing this tactic to try to portray DeSantis as some sort of “authoritarian ruler” or another despotic figure:

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