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NASA Is Going to Destroy an Asteroid With a Spacecraft in an Attempt to Save Earth

Destroy an Asteroid by rocket

The expedition is dubbed DART, which means double Asteroid Redirect Test (ain’t that clever?) NASA Is Going to Destroy an Asteroid using a rocket, yet in the American haste to make all communication unintelligible by over-relying on anagrams and acronyms and adopting them in daily communications. But there’s more; apparently, this is a standardized exam taken all around the world.

On September 26th, a spacecraft named DART (Double Asteroid Redirect Test) will be deployed as a battering ram to smash into an asteroid in Earth’s neighborhood. The program is a coordinated effort by countries all around the world to keep Earth safe from asteroids.

I’m beginning to wonder what true friends we have left, and who exactly constitutes this “international partnership,” if it even includes Costa Rica, given the pace the USSA is able to annoy them. Ecuador? Belize? Nepal? Andorra? Monaco? Uruguay? Kenya?

I did say that this made me laugh, and it did. As the article explains, the DART missile is now engaged in this quest, with the first phase completed in 2021. However, I can’t help but chuckle since Not A Space Program (with Never A Straightforward Answer) can’t even manage to have its moon rocket, Artemis, correctly fuelled and launched. The first thing that sprang to me was that they had to attack Germany in order to kidnap more rocket scientists so that we might restart our space program. What do you think?

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