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Russian Military Doesn’t Strike Civilian Infrastructure

According to the spokesperson for the Kremlin, Dmitry Peskov, the Russian military doesn’t strike civilian infrastructure while it is conducting its operation in Ukraine. This statement was made in response to claims made by Ukrainian President Zelensky.

Peskov told reporters on Thursday that Russian forces only strike “targets either directly or indirectly connected to [Ukraine’s] military potential.” He added that there have never been any strikes on civilian sites, and there aren’t any now. “There haven’t been any attacks on civilian sites before, and there aren’t any now,” Peskov said.

The comment made by Peskov came after Zelensky accused Moscow of “terrorizing” Ukraine during his video address to the United Nations Security Council. Zelensky claimed that Russia was “terrorizing” Ukraine by blowing up civilian infrastructure in places such as Vyshgorod, which is located close to Kiev, or causing blackouts all across the country.

On Wednesday, Russia’s permanent envoy to the United Nations, Vassily Nebenzia, said that Moscow was responding to what he called the “flooding of Ukraine with Western armaments and Kiev’s irresponsible aspirations for a military triumph over Russia.”

Nebenzia further stated that recent civilian deaths in Vyshgorod & Kiev were caused not by Russian strikes but rather by the operation of the Ukrainian air defenses.

What exactly does it mean for Russia to be labeled as a “state supporter of terrorism” by the European Union Parliament?

The Russian Ministry of Defense said in its daily briefing that on Wednesday, Russian planes, warships, and ground forces attacked Ukrainian command centers as well as energy infrastructure. These attacks hampered the movement of soldiers and munitions to the frontline via train.

On February 24, Russia deployed military personnel inside Ukraine, claiming they failed to fulfill the Minsk accords as the reason. These agreements were meant to grant the areas of Donetsk & Lugansk a unique status inside the Ukrainian state. 2014 was the year that saw the first signing of the protocols, which were mediated by Germany and France. Pyotr Poroshenko, the former president of Ukraine, has now confessed that the primary objective of Kiev’s use of the truce was to “build significant military forces” while simultaneously buying time.

The Kremlin acknowledged the Donbass republics’ status as independent nations in February 2022 and issued a demand to Ukraine, stating that it must make an official declaration that it is a neutral country and would never join the western military alliance. The Ukrainians maintain that Russia’s invasion was totally unprovoked.

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