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Control and Making Profits for Big Pharma

the WHO CA+ pandemic agreement

It is all about control and control, making profits for Big Pharma, and placing the communist-run WHO in control of how communities respond to health crises.
In his piece on the “Conceptual Zero Draft” of the WHO’s pandemic treaty and issues a warning about the content that may be discovered there. He provides an outline that is entitled “10 things everybody should understand about the planned pandemic treaty.” This summary provides a warning that the World Health Organization pandemic treaty does not use the words “natural,” “vitamins,” or “herbs,” but rather lays a significant focus on Big Pharma’s medications and required vaccinations.

Worse still, the WHO pandemic agreement demands worldwide censorship against anybody who disagrees with the WHO. This would give the WHO the ability to determine which voice and organizations must be removed from technological platforms. To put it another way, it transforms the WHO into the “Ministry of Truth.”

The following is a picture that provides a summary of what has been discovered (so far) within the WHO treaty text:

This is the conversation with Dr. Francis Boyle; please share it wherever you can.

The whole conversation that took place yesterday with Dr. Francis Boyle is presented below in its entirety. It had only been a short while since he had completed his research on the WHO CA+ pandemic agreement, this is the first time he has discussed it in a public setting.

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