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Revealed: The Ohio Chemical Weapons Gas Bombing and Other Deliberate “Accidents” Contributing to Global Genocide and Depopulation

The recent chemical weapons gas bombing in Ohio, carried out by government authorities, was a deliberate act of terrorism and a heinous crime against humanity and the environment. This heinous act was made even worse by the fact that the chemicals should never have been set on fire, according to an accredited hazardous materials emergency response expert whom I spoke with.

The burning of vinyl chloride, a chemical found in the bombed area, produces phosgene, a chemical weapon that can maim or kill upon contact. The detonation of the chemical bomb over prime farmland, under the guise of a train crash, has resulted in a massive fallout that will impact the entire Ohio River basin for years to come. The fallout has already caused massive die-offs, and both soils and foliage will be impacted by actual acid rain.

Unfortunately, most people believe this was an accident, just like the alleged Covid “lab leak” and vaccine injuries. However, there are no accidents when it comes to global genocide. These heinous acts are being carried out with the goal of depopulating the planet.

One month ago, a chemical plant explosion in La Salle, Illinois, released a massive toxic cloud of potassium permanganate. This event is part of a larger pattern of chemical “accidents” that are starting to resemble food infrastructure sabotage. Over the last 18 months, more than 100 food facilities have burned, targeted by government operatives. Dr. Andrew Huff, who previously worked with the Department of Homeland Security on food security infrastructure, recently warned of this pattern in a recent interview.

The world is currently experiencing a mass extermination of humanity, and many people remain oblivious to what is happening. The takedowns of the food supply, provocation of war, dismantling of energy infrastructure, and depopulation through bioweapons in the Covid vaccines are all part of a coordinated effort to collapse human civilization and eliminate the human race. Unfortunately, many people are actively supporting these efforts, even as they themselves are being exterminated.

In conclusion, it is crucial that we open our eyes to the reality of global genocide and depopulation. We must hold those responsible accountable for their actions and take action to protect ourselves and our planet from this heinous agenda. Only by working together can we hope to stop the atrocities and build a better future for ourselves and future generations.

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