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Republicans to take control of Congress

As per data of still-open contests throughout the country, in order for the Republicans to take control of the United States Congress, they need to win just less than 1/3rd of the outstanding congressional races around the country.

According to a report published by the Epoch Times on Saturday, Republican candidates “have to pick up only 7 seats of 23 tight contests that remained uncalled to flip the Democrats’ razor-thin advantage in the House.”

Midterm Elections – What way will Americans go?

Five days after the final votes were cast in the midterm elections of 2022, the publication made notice of the fact that Republicans “have a majority of 211 House seats versus Democrats’ 199”.

To win a House majority, which requires 218 members, Republican candidates need to win just 7 further seats out of the slightly less than 2 dozen that are still open.

The bulk of the races that are being called are taking place in the state of California, which has a total of 13.

Other states like Oregon, Colorado, and Alaska also were waiting for residents to come home.

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