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The Tyranny of the US Government: Examining the RESTRICT Act and its Implications for Americans

In the wake of the terrorist assault that occurred in September 2001 in New York City and resulted in the destruction of three high-rise buildings, the government of the United States increased its level of monitoring of its inhabitants.

The irony of this eavesdropping machinery was that it was dubbed the “Patriot Act,” which meant to spy on American patriots as well as any citizen who cared about their nation.

Years later, Ed Snowden revealed PRISM, a sophisticated eavesdropping system that allowed the National Security Agency (NSA) to record, follow, aggregate, and analyze data from any American citizen at their discretion. PRISM interlaced social media, phone conversations, emails, and video conferencing. This provided the administration with the ability to use political pressure and threaten its opponents with blackmail.

The newly proposed RESTRICT Act has a name that fits its purpose, which is to prevent any citizen of the United States from criticizing or challenging large corporations such as Big Pharma or Big Government. Individuals who are found guilty of doing so risk spending decades in prison and going bankrupt completely.

Surveillance and censorship, which are justified under the guise of preventing “election meddling,” have created an environment in which the Democrats are free to cheat in every election without fear of being caught. The victory of Donald Trump was called into doubt by the Democrats for a period of four years, during which time they accused him of receiving assistance from the Russian government in order to gain an unfair advantage in the election. This charge was the most significant hoax that had been perpetrated throughout our time period up until the Fauci SCAMDEMIC.

If the RESTRICT Act is passed, a significant number of Democrats face the possibility of being arrested, prosecuted, and punished monetarily for making false claims.

The Democrats and big tech companies are trying to restrict every conservative in the United States for the rest of time, and this proposed ban on TikTok is just a smokescreen to disguise their goal. They aim to eliminate any possibility of anyone calling into doubt the legitimacy of the rigged elections or any pandemics that may follow.

The United States government wants to arrest and imprison any citizen who questions the official narratives regarding elections, pharmaceutical drugs, vaccines, war, food supply, fuel supply, nutrition, fluoridated water, and other methods by which Americans are controlled and poisoned by Big Government tyranny. This plan is being carried out under the guise of “threats to national security.”

The Restrict Act, which was proposed by Senators Mark Warner and Tom Thune, is essentially an updated version of the Patriot Act with additional provisions. It gives the government the authority to seize the domain names, assets, computers, and online businesses of anyone who disagrees with the government’s position on genetically modified organisms (GMOs), biotechnology (biotech), synthetic biology (synbio), and even cryptography (cryptography), quantum encryption (encryption with quantum keys), and other topics without providing any kind of due process. For those who seek to stifle resistance to genetically modified organisms, this is a dream come true.

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