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Videos Showing Russian Helicopters Shot Down

Russian Helicopters Shot Down

The Ukrainian military released several videos showing Russian helicopters shot down by surface-to-air missiles.

One, from last week, shows a Russian helicopter flying low, just above the tree line, in an attempt to avoid what will happen next.

The Dangers of Nuclear Warfare.

Following him is the smoky trail of a surface-to-air missile. Within seconds the missile has found its target. Upon impact, the Russian helicopter crashes to the ground, then explodes in a ball of fire.

“Ukrainian forces are shooting down Russian planes,” said military analysts, believing there is evidence that recently-supplied weapons from the West are already being used.

Justin Bronk, an air force researcher at the Royal United Services Institute in the UK, says there has been visual confirmation of at least 20 Russian planes shot down in Ukraine so far, both helicopters and jets. Many are asking, is the news we see REAL? Seems to be a lot of FAKE news being pushed as REAL and the general public is having a difficult time distinguishing Fact from Fiction.

As the old saying goes ” Buyer Beware”.

Real or Fake? You decide!
Clear Video of Russian Helicopter shot down and falling into the water near  Kiev, one parachute seen. : r/CombatFootage
Russian Helicopter shot down and fell into the water near Kiev

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