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Real Reason Why Novak Djokovic Was Deported From Australia?

Djokovic Deported From Australia

Novak Djokovic was deported from Australia soon after losing Court Appeal, the ATP’s top-ranked tennis player was not permitted to defend his own Australian Open title.

An Australian judge declined Djokovic’s appeal and terminated the stars visa, and because of this, he was placed on an airplane and quickly flown out of the country.

Australian Open: Novak Djokovic's request to ease quarantine denied | Marca
Novak Djokovic

To be very clear: All this was due to the fact that this individual’s NOT”immunized” for COVID-19, and spoke up against the procedure. The state and the federal government have unmistakably and even openly confessed as much …

Djokovic has not been prevented entry just for NOT being vaccinated, but because he has openly raised his voice in opposition to these shots.

The denial of Djokovic’s health-related exemption and expulsion was accompanied by a massive surge of hostility within journalism from mainstream media the likes of which we seldom see.

Why are they crackind down on this sort of public figures, and why right now?

Well, first of all, I personally do not think this had to do with just punishing him, and being deported is nothing weird in Australia.

Instead, it really had to do with disciplining this guy. yes, making an example of him. Not so much stopping him from playing, as much as refusing him a platform.

These Government officials and Big pharma do NOT want people like him that are UNvaxxed, because it can lead to others taking a stand against the Jab and start rebelling against their tyrannical rule.

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