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Putin’s warning of impending nuclear war is a real and immediate threat

Vladimir Putin used seven minutes of a nationally broadcast speech to warn the West that such a nuclear war is “absolutely coming” and that he is not kidding about putting everything in his arsenal to preserve Russia.

All eyes turned to Russia and its nuclear capabilities after this. Putin has already warned the Europeans not to corner Russia and criticized NATO nations for arming Ukraine.

The West’s goal is to undermine and disunite us so that they may destroy us as a nation. Putin added, “They are already stating it openly that in 1991, they have been able to divide the Russian Empire, and now the moment has arrived for Russia herself, for it to collapse into several gravely hostile areas.

The Ukrainian people “were turned in into the cannon fodder and pressed into war with our country,” the author writes, “releasing this war in 2014 and used the military services against the civilians, organizing mass murder, embargo, terror against citizens who refused to recognize the control that emerged in Ukraine as an outcome of a coup.”

Putin said that Russian military personnel is active along the contact line, which is over 1,000 kilometers long.

They’re up against “the massive military power of the collective West,” he claimed, not just “neo-Nazi groups.”

For the reasons stated below, I believe the following choice must be made at this time; it is essential in light of the dangers we now confront. It is imperative, in my opinion, to back the proposition [of] the Defense Ministry and the General Staff on the behavior of partial mobilization in the Russian Federation so that we can defend our Homeland, its territorial integrity, sovereignty integrity, and guarantee the safety of our individuals and the people inside the liberated territories.

Putin finished his address with a threat: “To all those who permit themselves to utter such assertions regarding Russia, I wish to warn you that our nation also possesses numerous means of annihilation and for certain components more contemporary than those used by the Allied nations.” And if Russia’s borders are endangered, we will use all the force at our command to defend our nation and its people. Not a bluff, by the way.

While he agrees with the sentiment that Putin would not use nuclear weapons, Ukrainian President Zelensky did not completely rule out the prospect of a Russian nuclear attack in an interview.

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