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Pope Declares Russia-Ukraine Conflict a “World War”

Pope Francis has made his alarmist warning that a global war is now underway once again. During his recent visit to Kazakhstan, Pope Francis said that it is inaccurate to refer to the crisis in Ukraine as a “war between Russia and Ukraine,” but rather a “global war.”

The pope’s claim that the world is at war is not new. During his trip to Kazakhstan in the middle of September, the Pope reportedly met with several Jesuit priests, as reported by Vatican-affiliated news sites like AA. Reportedly discussing the continuing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the spiritual head of Catholics and ruler of the Vatican gave a remark to the Jesuit journal La Civilta Cattolica during the visit.

There is currently a conflict occurring. My impression is that it would be a mistake to see it as a traditional western with clearly defined good characters and evil villains. It is also incorrect to characterize this conflict as one between Ukraine and Russia. Rather, we are in the midst of a global battle.

These remarks surface shortly after Russia’s military mobilization, which includes the use of conscription, in preparation for an upcoming conflict. Several news outlets claim that slaves who were conscripted are making escape attempts.

The West had a clear and crucial part in this struggle, thus the Pope is not completely incorrect. It was quickly acknowledged, with analysts reportedly telling the Express UK that certain nations may be regarded to be friends with Ukraine against Russia. The US is paying for and maintaining the war at any cost and is employing incendiary language everywhere it can to further the cause.

“The USA, as well as several NATO participants, are becoming co-belligerents of Ukraine against Moscow by system as well as massive aid to its armed units to defeat Russia,” Bruce Fein, an enshrined in the constitution expert as well as former assistant attorney general as in Ronald Reagan era, said in April. He went on to say that “chronic or severe breaches of a neutral’s obligations of impartiality & non-participation in the dispute” fall under this category.

A number of “international elements” contributed to starting the conflict, in the opinion of Pope Francis. ‘A head of state came to me in December of last year, extremely concerned, to warn me that NATO had come to bark somewhere at gates of Russia despite knowing that Russians are imperialist and dread border instability,’ he remembered.

Anyone paying attention can see that the destruction of Russia’s natural gas pipelines is a deliberate provocation by NATO designed to send the conflict into hyperdrive.

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