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Chinese police stations in the US and Canada to keep tabs on Chinese nationals

One of these “overseas police stations” may be found in New York City, and there are three more in Toronto. China has established these stations all around the world in order to keep tabs on its nationals who are residing in other countries.

According to a report that was published earlier this month by Safeguard Defenders, an organization that monitors human rights violations, “these operations eschew authorized bilateral police but also judicial cooperation but then violate the global rule of law.” The report also states that “these operations may infringe the territorial integrity in foreign nations involved in establishing a parallel policing method using illegal methods.”

The report, which is titled “110 Overseas: Chinese Transnational Crime control Gone Wild,” provides information regarding China’s extensive efforts to combat “fraud” by its citizens living overseas. One of these efforts was the opening of several local police on five continents, which have aided Chinese authorities in “carrying out policing activities on foreign soil.”

The majority of police stations are located in Europe, namely in cities such as London, Amsterdam, Munich, Budapest, Athens, Paris, Madrid, and Frankfurt. These sites are dispersed throughout the continent in cities such as these. Also, 4 of the stations may be found in North America; three of them can be found in Toronto, while the other can be found in New York. There are a total of 54 stations like these located in thirty different countries.

The Chinese government claims the stations offer essential services to Chinese residents residing abroad, however the research points out that many of these functions are the same as those typically provided by a foreign embassy. Instead, the paper claims that China has been using the stations to expand its foreign law enforcement in a way that might be illegal under international law.

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