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Political Pranks: When Crime is a Laughing Matter!


What does one do when they want to take a stand for a cause but don’t have an outlet? Some take to the streets, some take to the stage – and some take to pranking! Pranking for political issues is an effective way to get attention and spread awareness. Political pranks are often humorous, eye-catching and often times, they carry a message. Let’s take a look at some of the most hilarious political pranks of all time!

Hilarious Hoaxing: Pranking for Politics

Political pranks come in all shapes and sizes. From ‘telephone terrorism’ in the early 1900s to the theatrical stunts of the ‘Yes Men’, the world has seen its fair share of political pranks. Take satirical radio show ‘The Yes Men’ for example. The show’s pranksters orchestrated a hoax in 2009, when they posed as representatives from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and announced a complete reversal of the organization’s stance on climate change. The stunt was an effective way to bring attention to the issue and it was widely covered by the media.

Other political pranks have been used to point out the injustice of certain laws. In 2011, an artist in Switzerland staged a fake arrest in protest of the country’s strict anti-immigration laws. The artist had himself handcuffed by two plainclothes police officers in the middle of a public square and his message was clear: the law was unjust and should be changed.

When Mischief-Making is a Joke!

Political pranks are not always taken seriously. In 2013, a group of pranksters in Australia staged a “zombie outbreak” on Halloween. The pranksters dressed up as zombies and ran amok on the city streets in protest of the government’s proposed internet censorship laws. While the stunt was successful in raising awareness, it was not taken seriously by the government. Nevertheless, it was a fun way to bring attention to a serious issue.

Similarly, in 2016, a group of animal rights activists in the UK staged a “zombie apocalypse” at a factory farm in protest of animal cruelty. While some questioned the effectiveness of the prank, the activists succeeded in getting their message out and sparking a conversation about the issue.


Political pranks often bring attention to important political issues and draw attention to injustices. From humorous zombie apocalypses to more serious, theatrical stunts, political pranks can be effective way to bring attention to issues and spark conversations. Whether they’re taken seriously or not, political pranks show that sometimes, crime really is a laughing matter!

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