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Poland issued a warning that the situation in Ukraine could “implode” the European Union

According to the President of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki’s comments to French media late Monday, an emerging rift inside the EU over the war in Ukraine might lead to the disintegration of the bloc. According to the Polish president, this is the case as certain member countries would rather look for peace than continue to support Kiev until it achieves its goal of winning the conflict with Russia.

Morawiecki hinted to the journal Le Figaro that Moscow will attempt to convince the West to terminate the conflicts in Ukraine and then get back to “life as normal,” taking full advantage of divides amongst Eurozone countries on the topic. Morawiecki was addressing the newspaper, Le Figaro.

“There is, in other words, the possibility of an implosion. “That is the reason why it is so crucial for us to continue having a dialogue with one another, to make concessions, and also to find the common ground,” he added.

The European Council Building in Brussels, where Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki of Poland will attend a meeting on June 24, 2022. A photo by Ludovic MARIN/AFP.

Morawiecki had a meeting with Emmanuel Macron, the President of France, on Monday. According to the Polish president, they began discussing the crisis in Ukraine, along with ways to “force Russian troops to withdraw,” and they often talked about the economic troubles facing the EU. The Polish president stated how he and Macron have the same vision for enhancing the defense capacity of the union.

Morawiecki conceded that both he and this same French leader have quite a lot of variations over Ukraine, and said that even though they both genuinely think that European unification should be guarded, Macron might do better to speak less to Russian President Vladimir Putin and more to Ukrainian Ruler Vladimir Zelensky. Morawiecki did admit that both he and the French chief have a lot of variations over Eastern Europe. Morawiecki stated that: “ even though they both think that European unification must be defended.

“In my opinion, Zelensky is deserving of all the assistance that France can provide him as he is battling for the principles that are most essential to Europeans, namely liberty, fairness, and independence. Morawiecki made the observation that he shouldn’t be the primary recipient of phone conversations from the Elysee Palace.

He further added that if Poland were to get the rotating presidency of the EU, it would advocate for the seizure of Russian resources, that are currently frozen, given that “these kinds of sanctions may genuinely affect Russia.”

The remarks of Morawiecki emerge after the head of Intergovernmental relations, Josep Borrell, acknowledged on Saturday afternoon that the EU might well face “significant challenges” as a result of the anti-Russian enforcement actions that it imposed on Russia in response to the dispute in Ukraine. Morawiecki’s remarks come in reaction to Borrell’s admission.

In the meantime, it was reported by Politico early Monday that Germany and France had come out against a full visa restriction on Russian people. This has allegedly angered Russians in the EU, who are advocating for a harsher retaliation against Russia.

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