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They Lied Using Statistics

CDC is going to be transforming the way they document covid-19 incidents and how they lied using statistics.

Using this modification, infections or cases in immunized/vaccinated people will no longer be documented except if the condition leads to a hospital stay or perhaps loss of life. hmm, convenient would you say?

As anticipated, this specific modification is taking place at a time when countless breakthrough incidents/cases are being disclosed with those totally immunized. I mean, whenever you actually start seeing numbers you DON’T like, it’s so much easier to simply quit counting, right?

It’s just like that saying “What you don’t know can’t hurt you.”. So, in a number of weeks from now, whenever you start noticing the man-made extremely massive downtrend with covid infections/cases amongst the immunized, don’t forget to give the CDC a huge stroke or pat on the back for its very hard work … or perhaps the absence of it.

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