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Poland accused Belarus of dumping migrants into its territory

On Tuesday, the Prime Minister of Poland said that Belarus was intentionally pushing migrants from the East to infiltrate Poland in order to undermine the European Union.

During his trip to the town of Kuznica in the country’s east, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki made the statement, “Our eastern neighbor is working methodically and in an organized manner to destabilize the political situation.”

According to reports from the Associated Press, some three thousand migrants, some of whom were fleeing Iraq and Afghanistan, had attempted to get into Belarus this month. Poland is refusing to let them into the country and said on Monday that it would construct a barrier to keep them out.

The Polish government announced on Tuesday that it has given the refugees, who are still on Belarusian territory, tents, blankets, and power generators.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) sent a request to Poland on Tuesday, requesting that the country give legal and medical assistance to the migrants.

According to Morawiecki, Belarus’s attempts would be unsuccessful because “Poland’s border will be extremely effectively safeguarded.”

Additional critics

Belarus is being accused of something by more than just Poland. Other Baltic republics have also voiced their concern that Belarus is driving migrants in their direction. They claim that it is in retribution for the sanctions that the EU has placed against Belarus as a result of the government’s crackdowns against individuals who protested the questionable elections of President Alexander Lukashenko in Aug of 2020.

The European Commission, which serves as the EU’s executive body, has said that it is keeping an eye on the current situation.

According to statements made by spokesperson Christian Wigand in Brussels, “We unequivocally condemn efforts to instrumentalize individuals for political objectives.” “We cannot tolerate any efforts by other countries to instigate or acquiesce in unlawful migration” to the EU, according to the statement by the European Union (EU).

Wigand urged for “orderly control of the border” as well as “complete regard for the basic rights of migrants.”

According to a story that was published by the BBC, on Monday the president of Belarus accused Poland of initiating a “border war” and invading the territory of his nation.

According to reports from the Reuters news agency, Lukashenko has threatened the members of the EU that once the EU implemented its penalties, his nation would no longer prevent undocumented migrants from entering the borders of the EU.

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