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BRICS: An Evolving Association Promoting Mutual Relations and Global Multipolarity

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov recently emphasized that BRICS, a coalition of states comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, is best suited as an association rather than a formal organization with a secretariat. Speaking with NTV, Lavrov highlighted that BRICS fundamentally operates as an association and not a structured body.

Lavrov expressed his belief that there’s minimal interest in elevating BRICS into a fully-fledged organization with a secretariat. He stressed that such a transformation isn’t presently necessary and likely won’t be required for a considerable duration.

Describing BRICS as a forthcoming umbrella, Lavrov underscored its symbolic significance, signifying the collective ambition of a majority of nations to advance their initiatives while respecting each other’s interests.

Highlighting a lack of fair and equal organizations in the West, Lavrov recalled an incident involving German Chancellor OLaf Scholz allegedly encouraging Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban to step away during a critical EU leaders’ meeting to avoid vetoing discussions on Ukraine.

Russia is set to lead BRICS in 2024, with the association expanding to include Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia starting January 1. Argentina, however, has opted out of joining BRICS, with President Javier Milei expressing reservations about economic ties with China and Brazil, instead focusing on fostering economic connections with the US and Israel.

Moreover, over 40 countries have shown interest in joining BRICS, according to South Africa, the chair in 2023. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov mentioned plans to compile a list of potential partner-states for BRICS ahead of the 2024 summit in Kazan. Russia’s key objective during its BRICS chairmanship includes broadening the circle of friendly nations, particularly in Latin America, and enhancing transactions in national currencies.

Russian President Vladimir Putin echoed the sentiment of expanding BRICS in alignment with global multipolarity principles. Putin emphasized the significance of nations participating as equals on the internation stage, marking BRICS as a platform fostering mutual relations among nations without dominance by any single sovereign entity.

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