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The Danish Health Agency said the other day that the country would prohibit everyone under the age of 50 from having any more mRNA Covid injections.

Already, Denmark has banned the use of covid injections for those under the age of 18. The new regulations are substantially more stringent.

Only Danes under the age of 50 who are considered to be at “greater risk of developing seriously [emphasis added] from Covid-19” will be permitted to receive the vaccinations.

These categories have not been specified just yet, but it is probable that they will only contain a small number of patients such as those who are undergoing cancer treatments that depress their immune systems. Women who are currently carrying a child are not going to be considered.

Denmark did not state unequivocally that the hazards of receiving mRNA injections now exceed the advantages of receiving them for healthy adults under the age of 50.

In spite of the fact that Denmark anticipates “a huge wave of [Covid] infection” in the next several months, this viewpoint is unavoidably conveyed by the notification, which not only discourages but outright prohibits vaccinations for the aforementioned individuals.

To put it another way, the health authority will not stop administering vaccinations just because Covid has come to an end. It is now believed that the majority of people would benefit more from contracting the coronavirus than from taking additional mRNA.

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